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All Oromos - from all walks of life - especially, the Oromo youth - are expected to attend tomorrow's (April 25) Oromo Rally in Bergen, Norway, for Human Rights. We must rise and demand the evil "Addis Ababa Master Plan" to evict millions of Oromo farmers from their land be stopped - and all Political Prisoners (Ob. Bekele Gerba, Artist Jaafar Yusuf, Ob. Olbana Lelisa and all others) be released UNCONDITIONALLY! Details ...

The Oromo are fast approaching a tipping point in their bitter struggle: that we, as a nation, have been pushed to the limit - is well documented and needs no repetition here.

A peaceful rally to demand the release of all Oromo Political Prisoners, and to say NO to the displacement of Oromo Farmers around Finfinnee ...