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Another Plausible Lie of the “Seasoned” Tyrant

Zenawi: Under the last regime, people were killed without having access to courts. "That type of oppression is dead. Its finished. Its not coming back."

This is one of those "plausible lies" of Mr. Zenawi; here are some reports (see below) about his crimes against humanity on the Oromo people.

The Zenawi's of Africa, the non-"old-fashioned autocrat" ones - those who stand and tell "plausible lies" to hide their crimes, fill seats at the G-20, at UN's meeting on the Millennium Development Goals, and at other international summits in the name of representing Africa. Read More »»»

Zenawi on Best Practices for an Aspiring Tyrant

The following political satire was previously published on Oromo Affairs by blogger Argan Beekan in August 2007. Here's an opportunity again to learn from someone who has earned the unmatched title, "the Seasoned Leader with Beautiful Eyebrows." This title is not a plausible lie; all inquiries about the title should be forwarded to the "Ethiopian Mission" and Solomon Tekalign. Read More »»»


Read More »»»

Yet Another Blunder at Columbia University

On-campus and Off-campus Activists Should Continue Discussion Gadaa.com • September 21, 2010

This blunder emboldens those who criticize the appearance of Mr. Zenawi at Columbia University as a mere public relations stunt designed to re-brand one of Africa's worst human rights violators.

Should the global community continue funding Mr. Zenawi's tyranny and crimes against humanity in Ethiopia and the Horn of African region in the name of the environment, malaria, HIV/AIDS, the Millennium Development Goals, and other noble causes hijacked by Mr. Zenawi to further entrench his dictatorship in Ethiopia and the Horn region? Read More »»»

College Daily Reports Venue for Zenawi's Speech Has Moved

Gadaa.com • September 21, 2010

The following is an excerpt of a report by the Columbia Spectator, the college daily paper at Columbia University.

Zenawi speech moved as protests loom
By Ben Cotton

Columbia announced earlier this afternoon that the speech has been moved from Low Rotunda to Roone Arledge Auditorium in Lerner Hall. The University declined to comment on the reason for the change, but it is worth noting that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s controversial appearance in 2007 also took place in Roone Arledge.

Full Story (Columbia Spectator)

IOYA's Peaceful Protest Against Zenawi at Columbia University

Gadaa.comPlease join us, the International Oromo Youth Association, in a protest against the dictator of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi. We are all aware of the flagrant human rights abuses and injustices that Zenawi and his regime are responsible for. Therefore, we need to stand up for our brothers and sisters and voice our concerns in this very unique chance to confront one of the worst tyrants in this world. Below are the logistic details. Please email ioyapress@gmail.com if you are interested and plan to attend.

When: Wednesday, September 22 at 3pm
Where: 116th Street and Broadway, New York City (Columbia University)
What: A peaceful demonstration against Columbia’s uncritical invitation to a murderous, shameless tyrant

OSA's Protest Letter to Columbia University

Invitation Will Legitimize His Evil Actions

Gadaa.com • September 21, 2010

I am aware that the issue of academic freedom and social responsibility is a longstanding debate in academia. However, I see the invitation of Mr. Zenawi to speak on academic forum neither corresponds to the ideas of academic freedom nor free speech. I see it as creating a forum for dictators to propagate their ill motives and encouraging more of such leaders to emerge. Read More »»»

Protest Letter from Oromo-American National Foundation

Gadaa.com • September 21, 2010

Today, as Columbia is arranging to host Mr. Meles, thousands of Oromos are suffering in prison and concentration camps, facing torture, extra-judicial killings, disappearance, arbitrary detention and rape. Oromos are the single largest political prisoners in Ethiopia. Read More »»»


Zenawi @ Columbia University

Meles Zenawi is not a household name, but he is a despot

Editorial - Columbia Spectator • September 21, 2010


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