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“I honor and salute those who paved the rough and bumpy trail, and transformed it into this smooth and less complicated one for us. These fearless and determined ... chose death over oppression and injustice against their people. They implanted pride in our hearts; they fought for us and taught us how to fight for others. They sacrificed their lives in order to free us,”
- Obbo Hashim Adam, Abba Gadaa (President) of the International Oromo Youth Association (IOYA)

"Eebbisaa is an inspiration to all of us. Not only because he changed the nation with his music, but for the fact that he "did not give up or give in" no matter how bad the oppression got. He continued to be a voice for his voiceless people until his last breath ... WE WILL celebrate his past and music legacy." - OPride.com

Narration by OCR-DC (Video by hundaol)

August 30 - Remembering the anniversary of the execution of Eebbisaa Addunyaa by the coward Ethiopian security forces threatened by the brave nationalist who expressed the pains and aspirations of the Oromo in his music that continues to inspire the Nation for freedom. They killed our Eebbisaa; but, they will never kill his works or the cause he was martyred for. A luta continua!

Eebbisaa Addunyaa, the extremely fearless and vocal advocate of the Oromo people, was gunned down in his home, along with his friend - Tana Wayessa, by Ethiopian security forces on August 30, 1996. Ebbisaa Addunyaa was a popular young Oromo singer. Eebbisaa is one of the several Oromo artists gunned down by the Woyane security forces. Short biographies of Usmayyoo Musa & Ebissa Addunya is given below.


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The Role of Revolutionary Oromo Artists in Building Oromumma: The Case of Usmayyoo Musa and Ebissa Addunya

Gadaa.com... Usmayyoo Mussaa was born in Haaji, Haroomayaa, Hararghe, Eastern Oromia in January 1963 to a father named Musa and a mother named Aashee. As a youth, Usmayyoo did not receive a formal education; he became a merchant who captured and sold fish and other commodities to hotels in Dire Dawa. Those who knew him said that he was always a very social, friendly, kind, and respected person ...

... Ebbisa was born in Dembi Dollo, southwest of the Western Wallaga region of Oromia. With two younger brothers and three sisters, Ebbisa was the eldest son in his family. He was a very talented and respected young person. He attended Oliiqaa Dingil Primary School, Qellem High School, and then passed the national examination for Higher Education to attend a university ... Read More »»»

“The extremely fearless and vocal advocates of the Oromo people ...”

Oromo artists who have been killed by the current regime include (in addition to Usmayyoo and Eebbisaa):

(All belonged to the Chafe Gada Band)

- Hime Yusuf, singer and musician, Hararge 1997

- Kulani Boru, female vocalist, Hararge 1997

- Bonsiso Challa, singer, Hararge 1992

- Hordofa Barento, traditional dancer, Hararge 1992

- Jalal, drama producer, Hararge 1992

- Sabontu Barentu, female vocalist, Bale 1997

- Ayantu Borana, female traditional dancer, Bale 1997

- Maaramee Harqa Kaasaa

- Yoseef Gammachuu

Artists who have disappeared, or in other words, murdered secretly since the present regime came to power include:

- Jirenya Ayana, singer, Finfinne 1996

- Basha Hussein, traditional dancer, Finfinne 1999

- Fufa Duguma, poet, Finfinne 1997

- Darartu Bona, female vocalist, Bale 1997

- Abdulhakim (Shefis), singer, Bale 1997

- Adem Wake, singer, Finfinne 1997

Countless Oromo artists were forced to live in exile in neighboring countries or elsewhere in the world.


Songs from Baandii Bilisummaa, Courtsey of OromoSounds.com.


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