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J/ Leenco Lata: Radiyoon Marii Biyyaa …

Radiyoon Marii Biyyaa Marsaa Oromian Explorerin qophawee torbanitti guyyaa tokko sanbata xiqqaa ykn saftii sa’a tokkoof sagantaa afaan Oromoon dabarsu kunoo ifatti jalqabee jira.

Radiyoon Marii Biyyaa falma ummanni Oromoo hiree murteeffannaa isaaf baroota dheeraaf gochaa turee fi jiru irratti, akkasumas hala amma qabsoon bilisummaa Oromoo keessa jiruu fi egeree qabsoo kanaa irratti kan xiyyeeffate dirree marii ilaaf ilaameeti. Radiyoon Marii Biyyaa hayyoota, beektota qabsa’oota fi keessumoota adda addaa afeere dhimma biyyaarratti marii waliin godhun dhaggeeffatoota isaaf dhiheesa. Itti dabalees tattaaffii dagaagina, aadaa, og-barruu fi seenaa Oromoof ta’aa jiru keessattis hirmaannaa isaa ba’uuf kan hojjetu radiyoo walabaati.

Fuuldura deemuuf of-duba millatu jedhu mitiire. Radiyoon Marii Biyyaa Sagantaa isaa isa jalqabaa kana keessatti Itti Aanaa H/D ABO duraanii obbo Leencoo Lataa waliin gaaffii fi deebii godhe fudhatee dhihaateera. Obbo Leencoos gaffii fi deebii kana keessatti haala deemsa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo waggoota 40n darbanii, haala amma qabsono keessa jiruu fi egeree qabsoo kanaa irratti yaada xiinxalaa kennu.

Yaadaa ykn gaaffii yoo qabaattan bilbila ykn email keenya armaan gadiin nu qunnamaa:

Bilbila 404 424 4851



Oromian Explorer @ O Explorer is an online weekly Radio and Blog that will strive to present issues relevant to Oromo and Oromian National struggle in an unbiased and an investigative manner. O Explorer will challenge as well as encourage all stakeholders, including individuals, groups, organizations either political as well as civic, to present and discuss their views in order to enlighten us and to create a common plat form that will help us unit in defending Oromian National Interest.

Oromian Explorer is established by few free spirited and determined individuals to provide our people with unbiased information as well as news and views. Oromian Explorer will strive to challenge the statuesque, both internal and external, by enlightening ourselves and our listeners/readers. O explorer will employ weekly radio podcast as well as blog.

Radio Marii Biyyaa will present its weekly program in Afaan Oromo.

Sagantaan jalqabaa gaaffii fi deebii Obbo Leenco Lataa waliin tahe dha.

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38 Responses to "Gaaffii fi Deebii J/ Leenco Lata: Radiyoon Marii Biyyaa"

  1. robbale  May 12, 2012 at 11:17 pm

    It is a good news, but since we have a malte radio programe , it will much better idea if we can have SATALITE TV. Keep it up we are doing great job to promute oromia, by any means nessary.

  2. Dachasa  May 13, 2012 at 12:38 am, you have no journalistic ethic. why you need to edit the photo of Lencho with Meles from eritrea? this photo was taken before 1991 and lencho must tell us if he signing WBO’s surrender to meles zenawi.

  3. lagaa guracha  May 13, 2012 at 12:48 am

    No matter what you did yesterday the point is a moment of the trueth.

  4. Ahmed mohamed  May 13, 2012 at 3:16 am

    wow jaarasana yaa boo arra waa naraa buqaAfte! Bravo obo Lenco for such well articulated, loud, bold vision of your thinking to the solution of the empire at large and the oromo nation in particular. I agree with u unequivocally that for the oromos to search, come up and propose a comprehensive solution that answers the democratic aspiration of all the people in the empire(with emphasis oppressed people; this mine) is in the best interest of our nation. It only serves our interest first and foremost to embark on an endeavor sighted on achieving a comprehensive solution to all of us in the empire. Achieving this will put the horn of Africa on the path of stability, peace which is the necessary precondition of tackling humane suffering , poverty in that region to say the least; others might say to prosperity. I am willing to appreciate its impact on helping us with the modes objective of tackling poverty, political persecution and deprivation of liberty. If I may say the ripe time has arrived for ur idea to be explored and to be actualized. I was one of the people who used to say that Mr. Lenco is betraying Khaayoo ganama. The day u posted ur 1997 presentation; via telephone; to OSA on o-Net I came out with an e-mail that tends to contend to reject ur call for pragmatic struggle; as opposed to looking to our back for what the Habashas are doing. My metamorphoses was half way by then. Instead I called for pragmatic struggle that excludes the Abyssinian(Amara and Tigre) but we should find a way and make an effort to create all oppressed peoples organization(freedom oriented) people. I brought up this not to talk about myself; I am an ordinary Oromo to put it mildly; but rather to show that people like me are embracing ur vision. To me it feels like there is a paradigm shift among the ordinary people of the empire. The realization that; on our side that we have to be responsible for our neighbors and propose and struggle for all inclusive comprehensive solution. Especially when that is serves our national interest into posterity; a stable sustainable region we could live in. On the other side even to some degree among the amharas a realization that oromos has been oppressed and they deserve some justice; a realization that their personal lives is not going to affected adversely just because oromos or other people exercised their national right by using their language in government and school with some reservation. The other oppressed people in my opinion know that we have had just cause; albeit the uncertainty of the unknown future especially in light of our insistences of WALABUMAA. Well my way of thinking, including my fellow oromos, when we were accusing u of KHAAYOO betrayal is also the work of urs by that I mean ABO. AKAATAA ITTI DAMAQNEE TU AKKAS TUREE. DAMAQINSUMMA KHEENYA RATII LOLAA TUREE; WAAN NAMA DIQISISAA TII MITII. I think at the time of ABO’s establishment there was no any other way to fight for the right of BEING A HUMAN; THE ATAINMENT OF OUR NATIONAL IDENTITY AND OUR NATIONAL EXISTENCE WHICH THE EMPIRE REFOUSED TO AKNAWLEDGE. That is a timely solution. The essential new vision u are proposing is also timely. I might even tempted to say that is HIGH TIME.

    With regards and admiration


  5. Bilise  May 13, 2012 at 5:24 am

    This national liberation journey – first towards Diredhawa, then to Adama and at the end to Finfinne – is the optimal and progressive move, in which all Oromo freedom fighters can take part. All of them can wear together yellow uniform for the sake of hindering any possible backward and regressive move to Djibouti, the backward move for which almost all Amhara forces do struggle. Then, all of the Oromo freedom fighters can have green uniforms to move together to Diredhawa, followed by changing the uniform to red in order to push further towards Adama, and finally, all these nationalists can together put on black uniforms to move to Finfinne, the most beneficial type of Oromian sovereignty.

  6. Dukaanan Dubaa  May 13, 2012 at 7:06 am

    Bayyee Bayyee Garriidhaa Oboo Lencoo, Eelaa dubachuun keesan namottaa bayyee faayisaa, ilalchaa, dogngoraa diinii faacaassee baleessaa, sooba diinaa saxiilaa basaa.Bayyee galatoomii.Dinii yomiyuu wangarii namaratii hinoodeesuu, garuu nuunimoo yoo caalisinee sobilee dhuugaa fakattaa.Kanafuu dubachuun nama bayee fayisaa.namootaa bayeefii attii fakeeynaa gatii tatteefii wan oromoo irattii kesuumatii wan bilisuuma irratii wan garii, namaa kakasuu danda’uu yoo dubatanii garidhaa.karakoo jabadhuu sinjeedhaa.Qabsoo keessa inii tokoo odhuu dinii facaasuratii boobbaa’uu dhaa, dafanii deebii itii keenudhaa.Radioniin kunnis ittafufuu Galatoommaa.

  7. Duukanan Duubaa  May 13, 2012 at 8:12 am

    I like the interview thanks the radio program marii biyya and J/Lecoo Leta. I want to comment just one thing. Let start to practice the Geda Democrace in our ABO .Let the power transfered as the Geda practiced in our organization.Limit the time or period of a chair person in ABO and all levels. Give full training for the next generation in all aspects.We need this kind of information from all. Keep it up this radio and thanks again for both of you the radio program and J/ Lencoo.

  8. obsaa  May 13, 2012 at 12:16 pm

    “Namni mana tokko ijaaru citaa walhinsaamu”. Raadiyoon qabsoo oromooirratti xiyyeeffatan heddummachaa jiru. Heddummachuun isaanii gaarii haata’u malee isaan gidduu waldorgommiin waan jiru fakkaata. Qabsoo oromoof karaa kana wayya karaa sana wayya jechuudhaan ummata oromoo joonjessaa jiru. Kanaaf radiyoon afur ykn shan ta’an xixiqqoon kum bifa walittidhufanii marr’atanii miidiyaa oromoo cimaa guyyaa guyyaan sagantaa tamsaasu utuu ta’anii caala bu’aa kanbuusan nattifakkaata. Ummannis kamtu sirrii dha kamitu oromoof sirrii miti jedhee walqooddii keessa hingalu. Tokkummaan humna waan ta’eef dhaabbileen siyaasaa oromoos akkasumas miidiyaaleen oromoo marti ummata oromoo bilisoomsuu irratti waliigalanii hojjechuu qabu.

  9. mortar  May 13, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    Obbo Leencoon dubbii isaanii irratti amma oromoon Afaan Oromootiin dhimma baa’aa jira(mana murtiitti, mana barumsaatti, kkf) jedhanii jiru. Haata’u malee rakkina guddaan akka jiru waan beekan natti hinfakkaatu. Kunis:
    1. Oromiffi amma illee magaalota gurguddaatti sirriitti ittiin barsiifamaa fi hojjetamaa hinjiru. Kun immoo afaanichi afaan warra baadiyyaa ta’e akka turu gochuudhaan guddina isaa hacuucuu dandaa’a.

    2. Har’a Afaan oromootiin gaazexaaleen, barruuleen, kkf bilisa ta’an tokko illee hinjiran.
    3. Mirga amma Oromoon argatee ittifayyadamaa jiru kana eegsifachuuf humna hinqabu;Woyyaaneen gaafa barbaadde kaatee ittiin hinhojjettan utuu jettee hafuu kandandau dha. kanaaf hanga humna mirga keenya tiksu horannutti waan mirgi keenyi kabajame fakkeessuun ofgowoomsuu dha.

  10. Qeerroo Dhugaa  May 13, 2012 at 1:52 pm

    Oromoonni biyya ambaa jiraattan,isin ittuma jabaadhaa jireenya keessan, maatii keessan, konkolaataa fi mana keessan kunuunsaa. Namni yoo waa hojjatuu dadhabe afaan qabatee tahuu dadhabaa ? maalo afaanuma keessan qabadhaa jireenya keessan jiraadhaa ! Qeerroon nama akka Lenco Lata ka beekumsa guddaa qabu, kan fageessee fi bal’isee yaaduu danda’u akka hoogganaattis tahe akka gorsaatti silaa qabaannee injifannoon fagoo hin jiru. Obbo Lenco Waaqa sodaadhu hojii jalqabde kana galmaan gahi. Qeerroon si harkaa fuudhuuf qophiii dha. Atummaan karaa irra nu buusi nuti si harkaa fuunee galmaan geenya. Jaamaa ofii gara itti deemu hin beekneen hoogganamuun kunoo bakka amma jirruun nugahe. ABO bakka dhibba meeqatti qircatanii ittiin galan. Tokko illee ka humna tahee keessaa bahe hin jiru. Dhiiro maalo jaamaa fi duudatti nu dhiiftanii hin taa’ina. Jabaadhu ilma dhiiraa ! nuti hara 100% si waliin jirra. Injifatnnoon uummata Oromoof!

  11. Mengesha Abdissa  May 13, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    I Personally Know Mr. Lencho Leta, I Met him in 1979 In the Sudan. These days there were a Large Oromo community reside in the Sudan, the Organization that have an office In the Sudan were EPLF, EDU, EPRP and TPLF. When Mr. Lencho Came to Sudan With his comrades and Opened the Office, I Can’t tell you, how the Oromo Community were excited to see an Oromo children came to Sudan to open an office to Liberate Oromia. At that time some of the Oromo in the Sudan were new arrival, but most of them resided in Khartoum before 1979. The Oromo community In the Sudan was well connected and supportive to each other than any community at that time.
    Mr. Lencho Leta was a Visionary man, every word comes from his mouth was use to surprise me, In his small office with in the big building , he was always busy to type using an old type writer. He use to walk around bare feet In 100 degree hit, he devoted his life to Liberate his people, his wife was suffering in jail and his under age children were grown with out Father and mother. Mr. Lencho choiced the freedom of his people than his life and his family.
    These people, who Criticize Mr. Lencho today, I do not consider them an Oromo, because when Mr. Lencho was in the Jungle, to fight for the freedom of his people, those people were serving the fascist Derge or Eating Hamburger in the West. It is better if they shut up their dirty mouth, when they ready this comment, their narrow, and dirty mind think that, they may say, he was born in wellega this is why he is defending Mr. Lencho. The answer is no I am a proud Oromo who was not born In Welega, I was born In Oromia few kilometer of Finfine.
    Thank you Mr. Lencho for what you have done for your people. You did your part let, them do their part.
    You deserve respect.

  12. lola korme  May 13, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    I second Ahmed mohamed said, that “wow jaarasana yaa boo arra waa naraa buqaAfte! Bravo obo Lenco for such well articulated, loud, bold vision of your thinking to the solution of the empire at large and the oromo nation in particular. I agree with u unequivocally that for the oromos to search, come up and propose a comprehensive solution that answers the democratic aspiration of all the people in the empire(with emphasis oppressed people; this mine) is in the best interest of our nation. “

  13. Oware  May 13, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    Galatoomi obbo Leenco, hamii fi oduu ganda keessaa diinni oofu hedduu adda nuuf baafte, garuu waan ani jechuu barbaadu waan ati interview latte kana namni mormu yoo jiraate ofiinuu rakkoo qaban jedha, Haata’u malee namootni hangi tokko kaleessa qabsoon ABOn gaggeeffamu kanatti akkuma salphaatti biyya alaa kanatti argatanii afaan collummaan ol of-maxxansanii turan waan akeekkatan sanitti milkawu dhabnaan keessaa of baasan har’aan kana akka ‘activistii’ yaada kee kanatti yeroo isaan of maxxansan ni argina, haasaan isaan ganda keessaa oofaa jiran oromiifis tahE qabsoo keenya haala gara fuula duraattis deemuuf hedduun isaa gufuu dha, isaan keessaa, gandaan nama dubbisuuf yaaluu, ganda tokko abaaruu, kaan faarsuun kun adeemee booda irra garuma akka bara 2008tti akka nu hin geessine eeggachuun gaarii taha.
    Irra guddaan namni waanuma keessa jiru illee yoo jabeesse, diina wal godhachuu dhiisee , atis achiin deemi ani asiinan deemaan diina keenya isa guddaa kuffisuuf waliigaluun qarummaa dha. Inni waraana harkaa qabu waraana isaa jabeessuu, inni siyaasaa harkaa qabu isuma jabeessuu inni hafe waan barbaachisuun utubuutu nu milkeessa jedheen yaada, wal taakaaluun, tokko tokko kuffisuuf deemuun, miidhama malee bu’aa hanga har’aatti irraa argatne hin qabnun jedha.

  14. Bortoola moosisaa  May 14, 2012 at 8:09 am

    yaadab wal dhageefachuun garriidha. yaa oboo leencco. maqaan kee kuun maa sobaa natti kkaataa yeroo dhaabadhee off dhageefadhu. laalii mee yaa ilmaa oromoo. ilmaa oromoo jedhee si waamaa gatti ati ilmaa oromoo turteefi. eega atu yaada kee jijjiirtee jireenya kee barbaacha jalqabdde irraa kaastee, oromuummaa kee gantte kanaafu akka ilmaa oromootti haasoowwu hin dandeetu. haala akka ati tarkkaanfii fundhachuu barbaaduu yoo laalu saba baldhaa oromoo miidhuudhaafi waan muurteesiiteefi mallee saba baldhaa oromoodhaa waa tokko goodhudhaaf akkaa yaada hin qabne miirkaneesiite. haa ta’u mallee qaama keeti kana yaaduun kee baayyee nama dinqa. waan ati sabaaf gootte irraati hirkatte jireenya kee jijjirruudhaaf sabatti fayyadamuu hindandeetu jechuu barbaadeetani. yaada keetiin namni na duubba deemu hin jiruu jette yaade ta’a garuu akka atti gamnaa taateets oromooni maruu gamnaa ta’anii jiruu. akka laalcha kiyya wayyaaneen saba goowwomsiitte jette yaade garuu wayyaaneen boolla isheen nuuf qotte keessanti akka haawaalamtuu beektte goowoota oromoo akka keetii irraati fayyadamaa jirtii ijja kee banii, san achiitii maqaa oromoo hin kaasiin biyya qaba jette hin odeesin,,

  15. Maalmaaf???  May 14, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    Obboo Leencoo Lataa, madaan ummata Oromoo kan sababaa keetiin dhalate hanga har’aa hin qooriin jira. Seenaa QBO keessatti akkuma maqaa gaarii qabdan maqaa xuraawaallee ni qabdu. Nuti kan isinirraa eegaa turre madaa san fayyisuuf qooda gameessummaa fi maanguddummaa kennitu jenneeti. Haa tahuu garuu har’as godaannis haaraa uumuuf daandii jallinaa qabattanii waan jirtan fakkaattan. Sab-bonummaa Oromoo bakka kurnoota sadii dura ture jechuun gaafa Oromoo qabsoo eegale bikka ture sanitti deebisuuf yaalaa jirtan. San malees mirga hiree murfannaa kan ilmaan Oromoo isin beektan hedduun irratti wareegaman sharafuuf yoo sochootan argina. Kana caala wanti dhaloota kana aarsu hin jiru. Bara 1991 sababaa keessaniin ilmaan Oromoo kumoota hedduun herreegaman mooraa wayyaaneetti galfaman rashanaman, bakka hedduutti faffaca’an, jireenya dhaban. Qabsoo Oromoos hanga fuula duratti deeme duubatti deebi’e. Isin garuu biyya alaatti baatanii jireenya qananii itti fuftan. Har’a qabsoon kun gaadi’amee akka jiraatu kan godhe nam biraa miti. Kanaaf maaloo nu dhiisaa umurii gabaabduu isin hafte tana kabajaan jiraadhaa, dhaloota kana gorsuu irratti malee karaa irraa maksuu irratti hin dalagiinaa. Kanuma jedha………

  16. Aboma  May 14, 2012 at 10:26 pm

    Up until the Dergue forced the Oromo forces in ECHAT to take up arms as OLF, both options had been on the table. Such a return to the founding dual guiding principles of the OLF is encouraging.

  17. Toleeraa Maggaasaa  May 15, 2012 at 2:55 am

    The interviewer was amateurish such that he interviewed as some body talking to his girl friend. The whole interview was meant to white wash Leencoo Lataa for his future sinister design on Oromo struggle. Leencoo is like vulture who does not hunt but wait for somebody to hunt and scavenge on. The interviewer wanted us to exonerate Leencoo so that he can scavenge on the current predicament of ABO he willingly left in 1992 for Canada. If he had a gut of true interviewer to extrude true picture of Leencoo, why didn’t he ask hard questions such us:

    1. The fact that, being second in command of OLA, abandoned the army and run for his life while the army he organized to fight was being butchered?

    2. The fact that, without the knowledge of ABO leaders, single handily decided to go back to FInifinnee while WBO was throttling the enemy in 1994 under the guise of securing the release of Obbo Ibsaa Guutamaa?Obboo Ibsaa later on disowned Leenco’s claim

    3. The fact that up leaving finifinnee in 1994, he announced that he no more believe in armed struggle?

    4. The fact that he renounced the right to self determination of Oromo people on his book?

    5. The fact that he was the architect agenda for peace that suggested surrender to Ethiopia and abandon armed struggle by accepting Ethiopian constitution in 1999?

    6. THe fact that he was the architect of the 1994, Bergen conference of surrendering Oromo people’s quest for independence by working with the arch enemy of Oromo people, the ‘Qinijjit?

    7. The fact that was an adviser to Daawwit who threw Oromo liberation struggle down the cliff ?

    8. The fact that he run away with mant millions of ABO’s money in 1992?

    9. THe fact that he being financed by enemy of Oromo people?

    10.The fact that he even could not put his family together?

    11. The fact that non of his children and relatives has ever joined the struggle?

    12. The fact that he worked his brother-in-law called Simaa Kumsaa to abandon WBO in western Oromiyaa and facilitated air plane for him to fly to Nairobi?

    All concerned Oromo nationals have tangible evidence against Leencoo and his lies and cowardice.
    My free advice for those who do not know him, he has been coward who does not believe in the ability of Oromoo people to liberate themselves and I can assure, when things tough he will abandon you for his comfortable life in Norway.

  18. Obsa Tolera  May 15, 2012 at 7:15 pm

    Obbo Lenco….was running for power.
    —————- is running for power today too.
    —————- I wonder to see his final distnation.
    ————— he might be KAMAL GALCHO number TWO

  19. Ahmed mohamed  May 15, 2012 at 11:08 pm

    Obbo Toleeraa Maggaasaa did u pull thes out of thin air (pos). it might not not be worth to respod; but waw how non factual and baseless. Asaid from that oromos today are more than ready for ideas such as proposed by LL.

  20. Ahmed mohamed  May 16, 2012 at 1:20 am

    Obbo Aboma there is dual principle. That was a loosing misgided and wishful thing that we have done for the last 40 years. If i understood it corectly; which i believe i have; lenco has clearly said that oromos solution with in the geographic context we call xophiaa today.. For that i say HURAAh hail the cheif.

  21. leeqaa  May 16, 2012 at 1:23 pm

    I have a Question for Toleeraa Maggaasaa, Ok J/Leencoo did what he can and his best, but what you did or are you doing for Oromo? remeber , the little name we have today is because of few OLF founders who sacrify their life on right of Oromo poeple . Among them who are alive J/Leencoo is one of them. Belive or not this person is better than you bywhom he is critisized .I did not say he is better than others but he is better than you.How I say this, Listen, We humans have so many question that not only man but God him self does not gave us answers.However, there are Questions we must answer and we must hide.As history we keep things recorded for next generation eventhough it sounds bad to accept it.But at this moment if you need full info, you must born again and we have to teach from kindergatten and you will understand how politics work. Other than that , we Oromo poeple are not closed minded society so you can keep ask and one day you get the answer. The good thing I like about my Oromo poeple is that we do not afraid to critisize our leaders and our leaders also accept it in most cases. If you see the abesha eventhough their leader did or does bad things they always tell as their leaders did good which we do not agree with. At the end, these poeple (our leaders) opened the road and it is up to us to finish. For abesha Tewodrose opened the road and minilik finish the rest however the abesh did not critisize tewodrose for his failer, but still they are honouring him. So stop crying like a baby and do some thing to finish the job our founders have started.

  22. Beka  May 16, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    Maaliif namni kuni ammalee sobuu dhiisuu dadhabe?

    1. ABOn yeroo tokko lee sabamee hinbeeku akkamitti jedha. Yoo sobamuu baate akkamitti WBO mooraatti
    galchee qalchiisa. Ertiraa tuu sobame jedha, obbo Lencoon. Ertiraa biyya ishee argatte jirtti. Kana moo gowwumaan ykn WBO qalchisuu tuu gowumma dha.

    2. ABOn yeroo tokkolee Woyyaneen angoo partii biraa wajjin ni hirmaatti jedhee amanee hin beeku jedhan,
    yoo hin amanne maaliif harka dhahaa bahee mootumaa woyyaneetiif seeresse baqate.

    Amman achi afaan isaa qabatee otuu taa’ee woyya.

    3. Amma lee Eriraan qaama Etophiyaa tii jedha. Mani kuni fayya qabaa laata, Gosaa barbaachisa.

  23. Hayyuu Oromoo  May 16, 2012 at 10:57 pm

    Radiyoo Marii Biyyaa baayyee galatooma. Ani duraan akkan Obbo Leencoo itti ilaalaa tureef amma itti argee anaaf adda dha. Ija koo naaf banee jira. Dhuguma Hayyuu Oromoo akka ta`ee hubadheen jira. Maaloo yaada inni qabu kana harka fudhannee osoo jirutti hiknee furmata Oromoo qofa osoo hin ta`iin kan Gaanfa Afrika ta`a. Dhuguma kan nu baasu waan waggaa 40 duran miti. Aangoo siyaasa motummaa Ethiopiyaa Oromoon harkatti galchachuu qaba. Obbo Leencoo nuuf jiradhu, ija diinaa irra si haa hambisu. Baga ati maree itti gotuutti hirmachuuf ani qophii dha.

  24. Walloo75  May 17, 2012 at 2:56 am

    Obboo Leencoo Lataa jabaadhu abshir yaadi kee ifaadha karaa kana fudheen jira ani akka nama tokkooti
    Horii buli itti fufi

  25. Gorbaa  May 17, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    Mengesha Abdisa,

    your complement for Obbo Lenco Leta in 1979 is correct. I my self have wittnessed when the OLF group have arrived in the Khartoum quarter of KOBER . Also i know you personally in Khartoum. They have rented the building and started the bees activities. Within a few monthes, this OLF group has won the hearts and minds of Oromo community in that town. But the struggle has started already during the Haile Silasie time by the Oromo General who was killed by the empror’s agents and buried in the sand at the Khartoum airport, but later on found by the Sudanese secutrity. Following the deathe of General, the struggle has continued by respected Shawa Oromo Obbo Ejjeta Fayisa who has brought together many Oromo children mostly from western Wellega who were roaming around for search of better life in Khartoum. I was one of those children and even, we were called ” IJOOLLEE EJJETAA”. God rest his soul in peace ! So, those who go around and simply bark like a terrfied dog, do not know how the Oromo struggle started and reached on it’s present stage. The English saying goes on, ” The one who does not respect his/her rag, will not care for the new ones”. So, region, religion and age will not blind us from standing together and defending Oromummaa from the day light hungry hyenas.

  26. Gammachuu  May 17, 2012 at 7:54 pm

    Yaa Oromoo mee waan jarri kun godhan link armaan gadii kanarraa dubbisaa. Asirratiis ni baha jedhee eegaa ture.

  27. Nagelle Wariyo  May 19, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    It is a nature of any political process to assess your strategies. You do that to understand what works well and what went wrong. We all know that we spent 20 of the last 40 years on internal vitriol and political in-fight. Many of us don’t seem to have understood whether we are supporters of independence or libration, we lost sight of the common goals and aspirations of the Oromo people.

    It is interesting to see more and More addicts of intra- community problems determined to further polarize the society for no tangible reason or goal to achieve. I don,t think we all know well the extent of the damage we have done to ourselves and the cause of the libration the Oromo people. I therefore would like to offer my sincere advice to those hooked upon making unhelpful remarks on social networks to pull back and reflect for their own good and the common of the community at large.

    Finally, I would to extend my sincere appreciation to Obbo Lencho’s contribution to the public debate.

    Nagelle Wariyo

  28. Nagelle Wariyo  May 20, 2012 at 4:56 pm

    I am pleased to see our seniors coming back to contribute to the public debate about the future of the Oromo libration movement. We spent twenty of the last forty years on internal vitriol and political in-fight for no reason or goal to achieve. The Oromo people is therefor sick and tired of these none sensical discourses that have been on display for the last two decades. Regardless of who is right or wrong, the self harm we have caused to ourselves and the cause of the libration of our people is so immense and in some cases irreparable.

    It is about time our high ranking seniors like Obbo Lencho and others offer themselves to engage in the policy debate and flag changes to the way we approaches policies. I listened to Obbo Lencho’s part one interview very very carefully. He gave reasons why the Oromo political organization OLF was organized in the way it was at that time, and he also gave us reasons why we should reassess our positions and policies. It is bold decision and right move in the direction.

    Congratulations! Obbo Lencho.

  29. Raggaasa Hunde  May 21, 2012 at 12:30 pm

    Hayyee Yaa Bada Aboo Leencoo Lataa Samaaltaatee Yaa Jaarsana Suta jadhii Lash Jedhii Gabaree Barbaddadhu Mee waantaa siifii Dr Keetiis Humaan fiddaan Oromoo Ehtiopianessuu Hindandeessan Ormumaan Uumaman Isanii Amaaraa Oromoo Amaaressuu hita.u Adabadhaa ta.aa Kanabooda Oromoon ufirraa isin dhowwaa Dr Leencoo lata / Dr dima logo ? / Dr taddasa eba / Dr Abbaa Biyyaa / Oromoon isan malee Naman Qabduu Eemaganii mee ummata duratti asbahaa Yo dhiira taatan Yaadakeessan Ibsaa kan Ethiopia ka.aadaa yaataniinkana Arra oromoon Harkaanuu isan hindhiiftuu Hattuu

  30. Sagalee Bosonaa  May 21, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    Barri Bara bilisummaafii balachuuti . Barraaqaafii Bilchalaati Duubagaa Yaa jaallee Leencoo Lataa Ummata Oromoo Duratti Waan qabduun Asbahi Hindhoysin yaada ethiopia Kan barameeqa etti du,aa jirtu kana Yoo dhiirataatee Lallabi Oromooratti Goda keessa Madeemtaa Asbahi Qabso oromoo Jattee kanaan Gabaree Hinsobin siifii Mahabrrii keetiis Isinittin Barihin … Yaa Habashaa

  31. omer husen  May 26, 2012 at 9:54 am

    nageenyii ilmaan oromo hunddaf hatahu ani garu akkan yadutti hin mormu malif dukkana kessa jirra karaa fedheen ummati oromo bilisomu qabna garu dhugan hin dhokotu hin dhoksinaa yada kana bayyen deggara yoo dhugan tahee dudduba hin debinu rabbi wajjin

  32. sikkoo Abdaallaa  May 27, 2012 at 6:50 am

    rabbii siha baleysuu lenco lataa oromoo meqaa lubbuu isaa dinnaf dabarsitee kenitee ardhaas maqaa oromotin nama wal ficisisaa jirtaa rabbii siha baleysuu ani kan jedhuu kanumaa rabbii siha baleysuu

  33. Hiwot Merga  May 27, 2012 at 9:52 am

    J/ Leencoo jejjebadhuu . hojiin hojechaa jiretu heddu nabaossa haangaa ammaa jiruf jirenyaa kee kessatii olallaa addaa addaa jibisaa sabaa kee irra siira kahe abdii isoo hinkutatni murannoo dhaf falimi qabsoo obsaa atii qabduu nufii barumssa nuffi tahe garaa qabsoo bilisumma akka itti hojennu nufii godhee jiraa .
    qabsoo kessa moo milka’uufi dhisun haala qabsichaa kessa dhaa rakko oromoo irra qofaa isoo hintanee olaatoo wara miragaa isaanif biyyaa falamtan rakko adaa adaa kessa darbani wagoota dherraa bodaa biyaa isaani dhufatan .
    J/ Leencoo ……….
    oromotaa saboontotaa yaadafii comment J/ Leencoo jechaa hamma dubatani dhissatii gahe kesan bahaa

  34. Hiwot Merga  May 27, 2012 at 10:28 am

    Redio Marii biyyaa galtoma jejjebadhaa
    Qabsaawataa Oromoo ,,,,,,,,,,,, saganataa kessan hedduu bareedda dhaa kanacaa akka hojetan abdii qabaa …………………….. I U OFI

  35. Isa boriif  August 20, 2012 at 3:23 am

    yoo ni dubbanna jedhame wanti dubbatamu baaayyee dha.Garuu,yoo hin hajjenna jedhame namni hojiif qophahaan hin jiru.Mee yeroo keenya isa oduu garmalee irratti gubnu Uummata keenyaaf waan malu haa yaadnu.

  36. jawaad  September 4, 2012 at 2:48 pm

    yaa oromo rabi ja,aatii tokomaa qaxara nu xabsin

  37. Sori Kitila  November 3, 2012 at 5:53 pm

    Duraan dursee nagaan koo kan kabajaa Radiyoo marii biyyaa fii obbo leencoo lataatiif haaga’u. nagaa kootti aansee yaa obbo leencoo tattaffii fii qabsoo ati ummatta irraa dhalateeef, saba keetiif, oromoo dhiiga keetiif jecha manaa baatee bosonatti galtee, lubuukee gurgurtee, qabsoo uummata oromoo finiinsitee nuti warra harra’a afaan keenyatti boonnee, laphee dhiibnee fuula diinaa dhaabbanee afaan qabna jennee diinaan falmachuu fii diina lafa ilaachisuu kan nudandeesise keessaa ati dhugaadhumatti toko jedheetan amana. hamatuun tolchatuu fii angoo dheebotuun imoo yoom iyuu tanaan yeroo isheen hadheesaa fii maqabaleessii oromoo iraa duubatti deebitu hinjiru. kan ishee dhaabu yoo jiraate tokkummaa uummata oromooti. kanatti amanuudhaaf ammoo amanamaa ta’uu qabna. egaa akkuma atuu jette sabni oromoo fii jarmiyaan oromoo bilisummaa fii walabummaa akkasumattii taa’ee hawwuu fii abaluutu bilisummaa nuuf fiduu qaba jedhee quba namatti qabuu duwwaa osoo hintaanee bilismmaa kootiif ani maalan dursee gochuu yookaan gumaachuu qabaa? jedhee ofgaafachuu fii akkamitti amoo akka qabsoon kun bakka ga’uu danda’u hubatee tooftaa fii tarsiimoo qabsoon tokoo hordofuu aqbdus beekuun irra jiraata. obbo leenco, obsa ati qabduu fii ilaacha saboonumaa kan namni sirraa haquu hindandeenye qabaattee obsaan gorsaa qabsoo oromoo hanga har’atti taatee jiraachuu keetiif guddaan si galateefadha. kana kan jechuu na dandeesise immoo ani akka nama tokkootii ati umata oromoof jettee duruu nama ammaa kana dura manaa bau’uu keetiif ija ummata oromoo kan bane ta’uun kee wal- nama hinmormisiisu. dogogorri yoo jiraates. halagaa osoo hintaane dogoogora keenya irraa barree fuulduratti qabsoo keenyaaf harka wal haaqabannu. Nagaatti galatoomaa. Ingifannoon Ummata Oromoof haata’u !!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Abbaa gammachuu aanaa  November 30, 2012 at 6:48 am

    warreen Lencoo Lataa balaleeffattan OLF jechuun LEENCOO qofa jechuudhaa??ABOn LEENCOO qofaa? NAMNI BIRAA sammuu hin qabuu? Dhaaba jechuun murna tokko kan kayyoo tokkof irbuu waliin seenee galma ga’uu kaayyoo sanaaf walmariin walii wajjiin murteessu malee akka namooni Leencoo akka waan inni kophaa hujii hojjatame fkn afaan oromoo ,oromiyaa oromummaa namniaddunyaa irratti mikaneesse Leencoo qofaatu hojjatee jettanii deebitanii abaaruun karaa miti .
    Jabina Leencoo ammaa ;yaada furmaataa qabsoo oromoof dhiheessuun isaa isa malee akka beekaa hin jirre agarsiisa yoo akkanaa miti jettan maaliif qabsoo oromootiif yaada nita’a jedhamu maaf dhihaachuu dhabee?Leencoon Waltajjii Marii OROMOO qopheessuu isaatif haa galatoomu haajiraatu qabsoon haarayoomuun barabaachisaadha

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