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Interview with Ambassador Kassahun Ayele and Dr. Donald Levine on Chicago Public Radio


Clips from the interview:


Ayele: ... You [Levine] have referred to [the] 1992 Election, I would not be surprised. The people did not even have any experience, any exposure to elected leaders, did not even know that leaders could be challenged [before 1992]. So, all these have to come gradually. Don't forget that this is an emerging democracy ...


Levine: ... I disagree with most of what you've said. To begin with, I disagree with the fact that Ethiopia was not ready for democracy in 1992. And, I'll tell you why. I think there were long traditions of democratic governances at the local level in Ethiopia  ...  The Oromo tradition of Gumii Gaayoo, which brings people together from all over (many many parts of) Oromoland is one of the most democratic institutions. And, I only wish that the Congress of the United States could operate in the democratic way that the Oromo Gumii Gaayoo operates ... 


More information on the Oromo Gumii Gaayoo (Supreme Decision-Making Body):


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