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Dr. Negasso stripped of privileges of ex-president

A joint decision of the Speakers of the House of Peoples' Representatives and the House of the Federation has stripped Dr. Negasso Gidada, former President of Ethiopia, of the privileges and rights accruing to him as Ex-President and provided for by Proclamation No. 255/2001. According to the decision, which was read to the House of Peoples' Representatives by the Speaker of the latter, Ato Dawit Yohannes, on Thursday, Dr. Negasso was stripped of the benefits for his failure to observe his duty of remaining aloof from any partisan politics. The decision indicated that Dr. Negasso's candidacy in the Dembi Dolo constituency to contest for a seat in the House of Peoples' Representatives was a clear indication that he had violated his duty of remaining aloof from partisan politics stipulated in Proclamation No. 255/2001, and hence he had been deprived of his benefits in accordance with the provisions of the same proclamation.

Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with The Reporter Dr. Negasso said that he entered into the election taking advantage of the rights stipulated in the constitution. He noted that what was stated in the decision that he had engaged in partisan politics by so doing was not right. Dr. Negasso indicated  that he was informed about the  decision in person before it was delivered to the House of Peoples' Representatives. He remarked, however, that what was stated in the decision that he had been informed by letter by the registrar of the House of the Federation on February 25, 2005 concerning the appeal he made to the letter was not correct.

Dr. Negasso said that he was in Dembi Dolo on February 25 and that he did not receive any letter. "They stated in the joint decision that I did not make an appeal to the decision of the House, but there was no way I could have done that in a situation where I did not receive a letter from the House informing me of its decision," he added.

The House of Peoples' Representatives did not hold deliberation on the decision delivered by the Speaker as the letter said that the decision was presented just as an information.

Proclamation No 255/2001, the Proclamation to provide for the Administration of the President, stipulates that an Ex-President is entitled to, among others, to such benefits as a regular house of residence maintained by government and a monthly maintenance allowance of 5,000 birr.

Source: Ethiopian Reporter



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