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Gadaa.comMr. Jawar Mohammed on Nonviolent Struggle.
Mr. Jawar Mohammed is an Oromo political analyst and social commentator.
Discussion in Amharic - March 2010

Articles on Nonviolent Conflict:

Gadaa.com"Abbaa Irrummaa Irraa Gama Diimokraasii" | Afaan Oromoo translation of From Dictatorship to Democracy
OR "Sirna Abbaa-Irreetirraa Gara Dimokraasii -- Wixina Qabsoo Bilisummaatiif Malu"

Gadaa.com"From Dictatorship to Democracy," by Gene Sharp | The Albert Einstein Institution

Gadaa.comMethods of Peaceful/Nonviolent Struggle - The Albert Einstein Institution

Gadaa.comNonviolent Paths to Social Change - eJournal USA (A US Department of State Publication)

Gadaa.comSkills or Conditions: What Key Factors Shape the Success or Failure of Civil Resistance? - by Peter Ackerman

Gadaa.comWhy Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict - by Maria J. Stephan and Erica Chenoweth

Gadaa.comPeople Power Primed: Civilian Resistance and Democratization - by Peter Ackerman and Jack Duvall

Gadaa.comThe Right Side of the Law - by Peter Ackerman and Michael J. Glennon

Gadaa.comThe Right to Rise Up: People Power and the Virtues of Civil Disruption - by Peter Ackerman and Jack Duvall

Important Websites:

Gadaa.comThe Albert Einstein Institution

Gadaa.comInternational Center for Nonviolent Conflict

Gadaa.comNon-Violent Struggle: 50 Crucial Points (United States Institute for Peace)


Mohandas Gandhi's Speech on
Nonviolent Struggle Against Colonialism:

MLK on Nonresistance Vs. Nonviolent Resistance for Civil Rights:

A Force More Powerful - Cases of Nonviolent Struggle:

"When people decide they want to be free, there is nothing that can stop them." - Archbishop Desmond Tutu

"They [the British government] have not taken India from us; we have given it to them." - Mahatma Gandhi

    Egypt: Seeds of change (Feb. 2011)

Video: Al Jazeera


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