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The Baale Resistance Movement Leader, General Waqo Guto, Dies in Kenya

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Brief Background on the Baale Resistance: Independent of the outside group, armed struggle started in Baale. Like almost all of its predecessors, the issue that triggered the Baale armed uprising was conflict on land use. Waaqo Guutu and about 40 others revolted against the government order to sent back Oromo who moved to Sidamo from Baale during that period. With the assistance of Somalis who were treated in similar manner, Waaqo Guutu's force moved to Dallo, the birthplace of Waaqo, and joined old friends like Aliyyi Chirri, who had already revolted and were in the Madda Walaabu forest. The first time the joint Waaqo/Chirri guerilla force encountered the enemy was at Malkaa Arganno, where they tasted their fist victory.  From there, they advanced to the towns of Oborso and Bidere and liberated them.

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