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About is an independent online media outlet serving the Horn of African region and its Diaspora. is also a source of vast information about the Horn of Africa's largest nation, Oromo. The Oromo nation constitutes close to 50% of the peoples in Ethiopia.

Having been named after one of the world's most complicated indigenous systems of governance, the Gadaa System of the Oromo people, strives to live up to its name by entertaining different points of views.'s writers and contributors, in conjunction with the web publishing team, deliver timely and essential information about the Horn of African region, in general, and the Oromo people and Oromia, in particular. has been cited as a professional resource center about the Oromo people by reputable human rights, news and academic organizations, such as:

Gadaa.comLogo Description:

- A sycamore tree (odaa) is shown in the logo as a symbol of Oromo's egalitarian Gadaa system of governance, which is the guiding principle of this media outlet.

- In the center of the odaa tree is shown a beam radiating out. The radiating beam on a previous version of the logo had rays coming out in all directions. The new design doesn't have the rays.

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News Guidelines and Editorial Policy

In order to promote discussion of issues regarding the Horn of African region, publishes news stories and articles on a regular basis.

  1. For its news stories, will use at least two independent sources, willing to be quoted on the record as needed; due to the volatile nature of current affairs, no news story will be published if the sources are unwilling to be quoted on the record.

  2. accepts articles on any topic as far as they pertain to the Horn of African region and its Diaspora, and foster Gadaa (Oromo indigenous democracy) values.

  3. welcomes all articles dealing with constructive criticisms; however, does not publish articles that contain personal attacks, and/or derogatory remarks against an individual or a group of people in the opposite point of view.

  4. All submitted articles will be reviewed for quality of content, quality of writing and objectivity - among other factors. The team will make some necessary technical (such as spelling, but never the content) edits to fit standards.

  5. Statements from political organizations are not considered articles. Such statements will not be posted on unless to report on them in the News and Analysis section - with appropriate quotes and external links to full contents.

  6. Advice: Keep in mind that short and to-the-point articles are highly admired by readers - and drive the message home effectively. Many times, long articles lack coherence - avoid them.

  7. Two important facts:     1. Submission of an article does not necessarily guarantee publication.     2. Publication of an article does NOT mean the opinions discussed in the article are endorsed by

  8. Contributors are encouraged to submit their articles through the Contact page. To contribute pictures, use this page on (or email at

  9. Comments to published posts: moderates comments submitted in response to published posts; comments that do not meet the aforementioned guidelines will not be published.

  10. We ( reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of this policy at any time.

          Last Updated on May 5, 2012