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The Oromo Chronology @

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Objectives of the Oromo Chronology @

1. To provide the accurate Oromo history in an easily accessible fashion by publishing it online.

2. To establish a resource center that records the history of the Oromo people.

3. To expose the Abyssinian-fabricated myths about the Oromo people and to precisely describe "history" from the Oromo perspective.

4. To encourage Oromians and others to learn more about the root causes of recent developments in the Horn of Africa.

5. To promote the Oromummaa movement that advocates for the peaceful restoration of the Oromo social, cultural, political and economic power, which was snatched away from the Oromo by the Abyssinian System of Domination.

How is the Oromo Chronology organized?

The Oromo Chronology @ is arranged by the following categories:

  • By Ethiopian Regimes ... which lists events in Oromo history during each of the Abyssinian regimes of the last 100 or so years.

  • By Key Events ... which lists Key Events in Oromo history arranged by topics rather than time.

  • By Centuries ... which lists events in Oromo history during each century starting the 16th century.


The Oromo Chronology @ was mainly compiled from the following sources:

1. Melbaa, Gadaa, "Oromia: An Introduction to the History of the Oromo People," Khartoum, Sudan, 1988.

2. Jalata, Asafa, "Oromo Nationalism and the Ethiopian Discourse: The Search for Freedom and Democracy," The Red Sea Press, Inc, Lawrenceville, 1998.

Where to Find Oromo-Related Reference Books

Books on the Oromo people are available at the