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Tokkummaa for Bilisummaa is a Feasible Panacea for Oromia’s Predicament

Posted: Hagayya/August 8, 2012 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (69)

By Fayyis Oromia*

Just as I started writing my opinions on the Oromo websites by first using this topic, I would like to round up and conclude my contribution by re-emphasizing the very imperative tokkummaa for bilisummaa (unity for freedom) of the Oromo nationalists, because there is no other alternative to such unity of purpose among the Oromo liberation groups, if we seriously want to achieve our freedom efficiently. It is not a hidden fact that Oromo and Oromia are in an unpleasant, troublesome or trying colonial situation, from which extrication was up to now difficult. A lot has been said and written about Oromia’s predicament, i.e. about a problematic situation, in which the Oromo nationals sometimes seem not to know what to do. We sometimes ask ourselves: is there any feasible solution for our national problem? Even though I don’t have any working prescription against the misery, as usual, I do still believe that there is a feasible panacea for our predicament. This panacea as the best remedy is nothing other than Oromo nationalists’ tokkummaa for bilisummaa. That is why Obbo Baro Tumsa once said:


“We, the Oromo nationalists, must capture state power by any means necessary. In order to do this, we must clandestinely organize all sectors of our society. It is the responsibility of the young educated Oromo like you, to disseminate the spirit of Oromo nationalism when you return to your respective communities. We can only change the deplorable condition of our people by being tolerant to one another and reestablishing a necessary Oromo national unity. In this way, we can build a strong organization, capture state power and take actions that facilitate fundamental social transformation.”

Obbo Baro Tumsa

The logic behind this assertion of the Oromo national liberation leader is simple. If we do have tokkumma, we can have humna (force) in order to take state power in Finfinne. Having power in Finfinne is the alpha and omega of the solution we still seek for Oromia’s colonial condition. Classical example to show how power in Finfinne is a remedy for all national problems is Woyane’s performance in 1991. We have seen how Tigrean nationalists dramatically changed the political, economic and social problems of their people within short time after capturing the state power. There is no contradiction between this seeking of power in Finfinne, and the striving for national bilisummaa and walabummaa/independence. The only difference is in the matter and way of approach. We may ask: is our liberation move in a form of taking a train ride (an evolutionary or gradualist approach) and/or in a way of having an airplane flight (a revolutionary or maximalist approach) to our kaayyoo (goal) of bilisummaa and walabummaa feasible? It seems that some Oromo nationalists advocate for an exclusive airplane flight without making an adequate feasibility assessment, and without looking for another alternative to this direct push for walabummaa. But in a situation where the direct flight to our wished destiny is not feasible, why should taking a train ride be condemned and vilified as if it is an evil work of the enemy?

It seems that the move of the ODF (Oromo Dialogue Forum), the OFC (Oromo Federalist Congress) and the OLF-J is an attempt of such looking for an alternative liberation journey as a sort of plan-B in a context, where our preferred plan-A (a direct move to walabummaa) is apparently blocked. Even here, for the ride of the bilisummaa train, tokkummaa of the Oromo nationalists is mandatory; that is why the merger of the two known Oromo parties into the OFC is an encouraging example of the feasible solution. It is also commendable that some Oromo liberation groups did support this merger and that certain Oromo media have transmitted the interview, which one of the leaders of this new united Oromo “legal opposition” force gave. Actually, there is nothing, which can hinder the here mentioned three gradualist groups from working together, be it structurally united in one liberation organization, or otherwise. Similarly, there is nothing which can in principle prevent the maximalist factions of the OLF from merging under such one structural unity. Just as we do promote the importance of the well organized and empowered OFC to operate as the only “legal opposition” Oromo party, also we should try to foster only one OLF for the sake of consolidating as well as coordinating our resources and have an effective rebel national liberation front.

To illustrate what I mean by gradualists and maximalists regarding our national liberation movement, let me use the two fronts of African leaders we saw as there was a debate about the process of forging a Union Government of Africa (UGA) and a United States of Africa (USA). Following the decision made to form such a union government in Accra, Ghana, in July 2007, two major conflicting conceptions of the institutional future of the African continent emerged, namely the maximalist approach and the gradualist approach. The maximalists advocated the immediate creation of a Union Government, while the gradualists opted for a stage-by-stage process, with the first stage being the integration of Regional Economic Communities. The gradualists felt that integration should be achieved in stages, with priority given to the harmonization of policies and regional integration. Speaking at the end of the Grand Debate in Accra, President Kufuor said “it was a unanimous decision; the leaders have adopted a step by step approach in order to come out with a concept that suits the African condition.”

Similarly, the question which Oromo nationalists need to ask ourselves is: can we have such a unanimous decision regarding our approach in the liberation struggle? If we can opt together, for instance, for the evolutionary approach, whatever the dictators in the empire are doing to hinder our move, the train of the Oromo national liberation struggle will move forward to the kaayyoo slowly, but surely. The train, which started its journey from Djibouti (a symbol for garbummaa/absolute colony) many decades ago, has already arrived at Diredhawa (a limited cultural autonomy) in 1991, but not yet at Adama (a genuine political federation), on the way to Finfinnee (a complete national bilisummaa and walabummaa, which is our final goal, namely the kaayyoo Oromoo). Whether our colonizers like it or not, this way or that way, the next destabilization of the empire can be an opportunity for the train to move to Adama. So, let’s Oromo nationals be watchful and strengthen our tokkummaa for bilisummaa, and then use the coming opportunity to move forward. Of course, the OLF, which is the mindset of all the bilisummaa-loving Oromo, is operating even among the genuine nationalists in the Oromo ruling party, also in the newly consolidated “legal opposition” force and in the multiple rebel groups we do have. This mindset is uniting us, even if we still seem to be structurally disunited.

No question that we all Oromo nationalists want to have a direct airplane flight to our destiny (kaayyoo) if possible, but the reality on the ground can compel us to take the train ride, just as the African leaders were compelled to choose the gradualist approach, despite the importance of the quick and maximalist way of forming UGA. It looks that is why the genuine nationalists in the Oromo ruling party of the incumbent, of course, with the OLF-mindset, are there to keep the status quo by making their rhetoric (according to which they have already liberated us), even though they know the fact of our move from Djibouti only to Diredhawa. But the Oromo nationalists in the “legal opposition” group with the OLF-mindset are trying their best to promote the liberation journey to Adama, and we hope they will succeed in the next eventuality. Then, the Oromo freedom fighters in the rebel groups with the OLF-mindset will definitely finish the journey to Finfinne. In order to promote this last phase of the liberation movement, we may need an alliance with the forces of the other oppressed nations. But, yet more important above all is an imperative tokkummaa for bilisummaa of all Oromo organizations, which must unite to choose either one of the approaches (either gradualist or maximalist approach) based on the objective reality we are now in or to entertain both approaches at the same time without producing conflicts, and then we can agree to:

– live in Diredhawa together (keep the status quo of the limited cultural freedom, despite ‘Oromian occupation within Abyssinian empire’),

– move to Adama together (achieve ‘Oromian autonomy within Ethiopian union’), and

– finish our journey to Finfinne together (a further push for ‘Oromian independence within African union’).

The question yet to be answered is, why should we and how can we build this tokummaa for bilisummaa? Here, I am just trying to show the answer to this question. We are big nation with about 40 million people, but yet we are colonized. One of the many factors which still hinder us from success is the fragmentation of our political organizations. We do now have several mini Liberation Fronts roaring like baby lions against the one big enemy, the Woyane, as huge as Goliath. This well experienced enemy is laughing at our mini lions whenever they try to confront it in isolated actions, for they are not as such dangerous. The enemy even pretends to take one or two of them seriously and negotiate with them. But, the baby lions can not gain anything in the negotiation for the Woyane despises them. In order to gain in such negotiation, the mini lions need to be strong enough in the real battlefield. That is why all our mini Liberation Fronts have to come under one structure and build one stronger OLF. No one in life fears 100 baby lions, but everyone is scared of confronting one strong adult lion. The following is my small suggestion on how to create such a strong adult lion in the camp of the Oromo national liberation movement:

– At the level of the public, we need to enhance the consciousness of our people at the grassroots level and organize them to be oriented towards the big picture, namely towards our final goal of bilisummaa and walabummaa. We have to help our communities all over the world to forge this imperative tokummaa for bilisummaa. Every Oromo at the this level should take heed of the dividers, who do try to play the cards of region, party and religion for the sake of sowing a discord among the Oromo nationals. It seems that we have tackled the division in forms of region and religion effectively, but still we are in the trap of the enemy when it comes to the conflict based on political approach or ideology (e.g. the ongoing quarrel being pro-independence vs pro-union).

– At the level of the media (forums, radio, internet news, paltalks, televisions etc), we should be wise enough to discern between the constructive and the destructive comments, criticisms and ideas. We know that nowadays our opponents use in cyber-world the common Oromo names, the Oromo language and Oromo identity in order to fight against us. Every comment, idea or criticism said or written by someone in the name of Oromo is not necessarily from an Oromo national. Of course, there are some Oromo, who knowingly or unknowingly, do serve the interest of our opponents against the Oromo cause. So, our bloggers, activists and journalists should take heed of such destructive messages and expose them as they are.

– At the level of the polity, I just would like to recommend that all Oromo organizations try to work together. It is encouraging that the “legal” opposition is now consolidating under the OFC. Let also the other mini lions come together and foster one strong adult lion (mighty OLF). These weaker liberation forces do accuse each other as if they do have different kaayyoo. But, when we look at them and scrutinize their programs, they do have no difference in kaayyoo as such. Their common kayyoo is clear, i.e. bilisummaa uumata Oromoo and walabummaa biyya Oromoo. Where they do differ is only in garaa (ego and emotion) and karaa (the approach in moving towards the goal). We can understand the difference in garaa in a double sense: one is because of the emotional disagreement among some Oromo politicians (antipathy to each other), whereas the other is the fact that some politicians put self-interest higher than Oromo people’s national interest. I hope in due time, these politicians will learn to work together for the sake of the Oromo people’s kaayyoo. Their difference regarding karaa is actually complementary, rather than contradictory. They only need to accept and respect the different karaa chosen by each of them (just as an example, OLF’s “illegal” karaa and OFC’s “legal” karaa are complementary). Regarding the possible alliance with Abyssinian opposition forces, we may march with them to Adama, but surely, they will not be ready to move with us up to Finfinne. To comprehend the difference, let us look at the four current political blocs in the empire:

andinet hayiloch (unity forces): those forces, whom I can designate as Abyssinian Centralist Forces (ACF) are still trying to bring back the unitary empire as it had been before 1991, with the pretext of Ethiopian unity, still nostalgically longing for the empire, which was dominated by Amhara and Amharinya. This group wants to re-achieve the past & obsolete ‘Oromian extinction within Amhara empire;’

abiyotawi hayiloch (revolutionary forces): the current ruling fascist regime of Woyane’s revolutionary democratic forces, which also can be named as Abyssinian Bantustanist Fronts (ABF) are striving to keep the evil status quo of the temporary ‘Oromian occupation within Tigrean empire’;

abironet hayiloch (unionist forces): those federalists, who try to achieve both national autonomy for all oppressed nations and regional union for common benefit, be it in the name of Ethiopia or the Horn of Africa. This group includes all Oromian Democratic Federalists (ODF), which want to realize a tactical ‘Oromian autonomy within Ethiopian union’ as a transitional solution;

arinet hayiloch (independence forces): those fighting for an independence of their respective nations, like the Oromian Liberation Forces (OLF) do, are freedom fighters, who are determined to push further for an ‘Oromian independence within African union’ as a lasting solution with more citizens’ liberty and national security.

In short, for the sake of promoting the imperative tokkummaa for bilisummaa, it is important to know the following simplified formula regarding the contradictions and interactions of these known Oromo national Foes vs Friends:
ACF < -----or-----> ABF < ===VS===> ODF < -----&-----> OLF

Here, we can clearly see that the andinet hayiloch want our move back to Djibouti; the abiyotawi hayiloch strive to keep the status quo; with abironet hayiloch, we can move to Adama; and with the arinet hayiloch we can have a strategical alliance to end our journey to Finfinne. Such possible new alliance of the opposition groups in diaspora, which can basically be the same as AFD, but which should more emphasize the importance of national self-determination, needs to be formed in order to promote our national liberation journey forward. Surely, only the abronet & arinet hayiloch can be ready for such an alliance. I again and again would like to encourage the OLF to take a lead as before, and forge the imperative unity among the Oromo groups and an important alliance with the other anti-Woyane forces. Especially the mandatory Oromo nationalists’ tokummaa for bilisummaa is the panacea for our hitherto predicament. May Rabbii/Waaqa help us forge this tokkummaa, which can be the fundamental base for our humna to capture the state power in Finfinne palace, and then to take actions that can facilitate a fundamental social transformation, which we may need for the further move to Oromia’s walabummaa.


* Fayyis Oromia can be reached at fayyis@yahoo.de.


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  1. dhuga

    Aug 8, 12 at 11:58 pm

    Dear FO,
    You are making the oromo politic confusing and more complicated as they are. Every time coming out with new Fayyis Oromia formula does not work and does not solve our problem. You suggested thousends of ways to our libration, but non of them are applicable. The oromo question is as simple as other libration seeking nations and the solution should be also simple. Be one as an oromo and go straight forward for the Libration !!! Why do not you suggest just one way to the Struggle or there is no really one straight way to libration? Sorry, I do not get your zig zag pathway to oromo libration. You prefer confusing like most the so called ormo leaders who are actallly misleaders.

  2. Jamal

    Aug 9, 12 at 1:45 am

    Dhiroo I have read many articles written by Fayis Oromia. This guy is either an illusionist or ignorant of the political dynamics in Ethiopia. No body ever refuses capturing power in Finfinne in what so ever means, but the question is HOW, HOW and HOW. What ever you call the Oromo groups the ONLY way to power is being empowered. By empowerment I mean MILITARY empowerment. This is the only language the Abbysinians understand. Believe me there is no other way. This discussion of diplomacy, negotiation etc is considered to be the language of cowards in today’s world, leave alone in the context of arrogant Abbysinians. Be realistic and truthfull for yourself.

  3. jira

    Aug 9, 12 at 2:20 am

    Obbo Fayyis thanks for your contribution! Even though your articles always remain controversial, it’s interesting to entertain such theoretical unity at least on paper. You tried to be neutral from any OLF faction, but this predisposed you for attack from all corners.
    Hopefully you are not retiring as you said in the beginning of this article. I would rather expect you to come up with your own website or blog.

  4. Olqaba Utuba

    Aug 9, 12 at 2:31 am

    Many thanks! That is what the Amharas have done, that is what the Tigres have done. Uniting and orgnaizing themselves and uniting and organizing others in order to achieve their primary goals. And in that way, they have succeeded even as minorities. And nothing is more successful than success itself regardless of what we KEEP think of ourselves.

    “If God did had not blinded them and willed that certain families or tribes among them should be at war with one another constantly, there would not have been an inch of land in the empire, of which they were not the masters.” ~Manoel de Almeida, a Jesuit priest who visited Ethiopia in the 1620s.

    And the blindness still continues as a result of which the suffering of the people also keeps going on. But it can’t be better for the Oromo adversaries!

  5. Ittihimi

    Aug 9, 12 at 3:06 am

    Dhugaa fi Jamal,
    Oromo people do say: “hamma namaa hin geessu, tuffii namaa hin teessu (hin dhiiftu)! Instead of just spiting such negative criticism against the author, why don’t you come up with a better article or opinion?

    you are absolutely right! Especially Woyane cadres are quick to attack Fayyis Oromia for he directs his gun against only Woyane regime, never against the Oromo forces!

  6. Rbbale

    Aug 9, 12 at 4:07 am

    Fayyis thanks for your conurbations of Oromo case, you idea is lode and clear from the begging, I now because I have been reading ever article. Some people try to put word to your mouth saying that it hard to keep up to your article, my question to whoever that person was do you real understand everything fayyis have wrote. Or you just went to take some one idea out of contact in order to make promote you’re negativity among Oromo elite. Fayyis keep it up the great work you in too

  7. Waan Dabaa

    Aug 9, 12 at 4:18 am

    no question such a call to tokkummaa angers only the enemy of Oromo nation! Surely Fayyis is doing what provokes the enemy to explode emotionally!

  8. Anonymous

    Aug 9, 12 at 6:15 am

    May Waaqa bless his soul, Obbo Tumsa got that right!. As far as I can see, all organizations purported to struggle for their people’s freedom have deficit in their vision and mission. They all try to fight the symptom but not the disease. The ONLY reason why you are being oppressed is because the POWER is in the hands of your enemy (THE OPPRESSOR). You have to work hard to take down the oppressor and snatch the power and do GOOD for humanity-spreed FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY for all to enjoy. I just don’t get it, why the Oromo people or organization speaking on behalf of them think small. You can’t win if you keep narrowing your vision. You have to eliminate problem at it source, that means not only Oromia and Oromo people, but Tigray, Amhara, Afar, Oganden, Gambela, Sidama and etc got to be FREEEEE!. In a way, TPLF played the ball right!, but they failed to be just and fair to everybody.

  9. Ittihimi

    Aug 9, 12 at 7:01 am

    if Fish starts to complain about the complexity of Ape’e way of thinking, is it the fault of the Ape with a more developed brain? It seems you need more brain cells to comprehend the complex way of Fayyis Oromia’s thinking!

  10. Jabaa

    Aug 9, 12 at 7:03 am

    if Fayyis is such an ignorant Oromo, despite such contribution, then imagine what the more intelligent Oromo can write!

  11. Eenyummaa

    Aug 9, 12 at 8:43 am

    Interesting! If Dhuga and Jamal are Oromo personalities, who genuinly struggle for an independent Oromia, why are they so irritated as such? Where did Fayyis oppose this noble objective of the Oromo people and where did he say the only method of struggle is a peaceful way, not a barrel of gun? As typical as Woyane foot soldiers, they produced wrong information as a base of their allegation and showed their negative emotion. Their emotion against such nationalist Oromo betrayed their ture identity.

  12. Deebis

    Aug 9, 12 at 9:09 am


    instead of repeating your question HOW, read the following words from Obbo Baaroo Tumsaa 3000x; you may get revelation: BY ANY MEANS is the the answer to your question!

    “We, the Oromo nationalists, must capture state power by any means necessary. In order to do this, we must clandestinely organize all sectors of our society. It is the responsibility of the young educated Oromo like you, to disseminate the spirit of Oromo nationalism when you return to your respective communities. We can only change the deplorable condition of our people by being tolerant to one another and reestablishing a necessary Oromo national unity. In this way, we can build a strong organization, capture state power and take actions that facilitate fundamental social transformation.”

  13. UGA - USA

    Aug 9, 12 at 9:51 am

    Union Government of Africa (UGA): what a nice vision!!! Read here the final proposal from the Pan African Parlament (PAP)
    Africa will be one country and the current 54 national states will be reduced to the status of only federal states:
    The expected process is to forge Africa with:
    – one transcontinental citizenship
    – one currency
    – one defence force
    – one foreign department
    – one policy of foreign trade
    – one centeral government managing the above
    – one pan-African parlament
    – one African court of law
    – univisum = people without border as Africans used to live before 1885 Scramble for Africa
    – free from legacy of colonialism such as artificial borders which devided for eg. Oromos in to two, Tigarus in to two, Afars in to three, Somalis in to five…etc and slowly forge a working inter-Africa federal states. At the begining the 54 current African countries will be the federal states in USAfrica.

  14. Xaaxeessaa

    Aug 9, 12 at 10:06 am

    Dear Mr Fayyis,

    Would you make us know the sources of Obboo Baaroo Tumsaa’s profound quotation, please. In those days, was it directly deliverd as it is quoted now? or is it a translation from other languages, for example, Afaan Oromoo, Amharic or others?
    Thank You

  15. Abba Gadaa

    Aug 9, 12 at 10:44 am

    **Assume Oromo Liberation struggle has been waged to give birth to baby Oromia whose parents or legal guardians are Oromitticha and Oromtitti (In this case- all Oromo political Forces and Oromo people.)
    **From the struggle baby Oromia was born in 1992 and soon abducted by TPLF in 1992.
    **The parents have been waging struggle to free baby Oromia from the hands of TPLF since 1992.
    **During the struggle, the parents did not unite on how to free baby Oromia.
    **Another Mafia, Unitarists (“Democratic forces”), wants to re-abduct baby Oromia and kill her forever.
    **Now the parents must unite to save baby Oromia and free her. It is up to the parents (all Oromo political forces and Oromo People) to free baby Oromia. Once baby Oromia is free it is up to the parents to live in an apartment building (Federalism) or in their own house (independent Oromia). If the condition does not allow the parents to live in their own house(independent Oromia), it is possible to live in an apartment building(Federalism) to raise baby Oromia until the right time comes to build their own house.
    **The situation is very urgent. If the parents do not agree to fight in unity, it is highly likely that baby Oromia is Killed and buried by Unitarists.

  16. Firotann

    Aug 9, 12 at 11:24 am

    I full agree with the idea of Obb FayyisnOromia. It ia an excellent alanysis and very informative and encouraging. But the problem is action interms of bringing and the OLF factyions and engaging them in to the proper fightt for BILISUMMA.

    Kaanee iyynumoo maal goonnuu?? Hogannon keenyoo waalti dhufani wallitt nufidu dhadhabaanni?? UUUUUUUUUUUUUUU jenne yoo iyyine hoganoon keenya nudhagahhu laatta?? Asirratti anni ABO obbo DAwudn hoganammuuffi obbo Dhuagaassa Bakakon hoganammun komadhaa dafaani waallitti dhufaani salpina kan keesaa nubassu hanqachu issanniti. Hadara maaloo waallitti koottati tokkumaadhaan ABO tokko jallatti haa hirriruu!!


  17. soolan

    Aug 9, 12 at 12:10 pm

    Obbo Fayyis,
    Obbo Baaroo Tumsaa atu dhiiftani hin wayyu, maalo amma atu ka’e isin ilaalu dandda’e waan isin itti jirttan kana hinuma isiniif ebbisa jettani amanttuyi? Yooso ofumaa du’e inni jechudhaami. Tarii Obbo Baaroon yammu inni kana itti jedhu yammu mootumma darggi keessa yeroo murtaayefi karaa qabsso gitaatini / class struggle / deebii rakko sanyummaa / national question / impayera Itiphiyaa keessatti fiduni ni dandda’ama, jedhe yaadee, yero gabaabaafi Mangistu wajjin hojetaa ture sana ta’a jedhen amana. Isa booda akka hin taane bare qabsso ummata isaafi bahe nama waregame jaallen kuni.
    Waregamaafi muuxanno isaa irraa barumssa argachuuni akka nuwi dogogora amma keessa jirru kana hin lixnnefi inni kan waregame. Waa nama gadisiisu garu isa inni yero waggaa tokko hin guunne keessatti hubate dhiise bahe, isiinifii kan isini fakkaatani amma waggaa 35 booda atu baranno hin fudhatin hafuuni ammayu waan isa irra gahe sana fudhachufi warggamu keessan duwwaa atu hin ta’ini, kaayoo inni fudhate manaa bahe sana irra ejjettani dhiiga isaa dhiiga saree gochufi yaalu keessani. Akka nammi isini amanummo maqaa isaa fuulla dure keessan godhachu keessanttu nama gadusiisa!
    Hundaafu Waaqi Oromoo jiruu keessani isini hindhowatu!

  18. Alem

    Aug 9, 12 at 1:35 pm

    • Assume Oromo Liberation struggle has been waged to give birth to baby Oromia whose parents or legal guardians are Oromiticha and Oromtiti (In this case- all Oromo political Forces and Oromo people.)
    • From the struggle baby Oromia was born in 1992 and soon abducted by TPLF in 1992.
    • The parents have been waging struggle to free baby Oromia from the hands of TPLF since 1992.
    • During the struggle, the parents did not unite on how to free baby Oromia.
    • Another Mafia, Unitarists (“Democratic forces”), wants to re-abduct baby Oromia and kill her forever.
    • Now the parents must unite to save baby Oromia and free her. It is up to the parents (all Oromo political forces and Oromo People) to free baby Oromia. Once baby Oromia is free it is up to the parents to live in an apartment building (Federalism) or their own house (independent Oromia). If the condition does not allow the parents to live in their own house(independent Oromia), it is possible to live in an apartment building(Federalism) to raise baby Oromia until the right time comes to build their own house.
    • The situation is very urgent. If the parents do not agree to fight in Unity, it is highly likely that baby Oromia is Killed and buried by Unitarists.

  19. Bakkalchoo

    Aug 9, 12 at 4:25 pm

    Nice article FO. Thank you. I read some the comments. some readers propose one solution approach. FO ur approach is the best. Because the Oromo faces many and diversified adversaries. There is no one way solution. Exposing strategies and games played by Oromo foes and pro oromo factions are very critical in order to address the multifaceted ormos experiencing. The categorization s proposed in your article help us design relavant strategies and responses that help materialize our Kaayyoo.

  20. Biliisuma

    Aug 9, 12 at 4:51 pm

    Akkana jetee makmaakitee “hamma namaa hin geessu, tuffii namaa hin teessu (hin dhiiftu)! Do you know Dhugaa and Jamal in person to use such powerful Oromo proverb or are you the same Fayyis Oromia with different name? If you are the same person (Fayyis Oromia), you have no option other than insulting and attaching those who do not buy your cowardice approach. If not, you better refrain from using such strong Oromo proverbs as there are millions of Oromos who around the world with great achievements on the ground, fighting with the Oromo enemies, not only on the paper. Defending the confusing article as a great achievement and calling others who refuse to buy the “UNITY OF OUR ENEMIES” as a negative criticism is not right. Fayyis Oromia articles, to me, sometimes tantamount to “Dhukubbis Oromia”. Unit with any sort of the Amhara /Tigre people will never get us close to Diredhawa let alone to Adama or Finfinne, it rather take us back to beyond Djibutii.
    Fayyis Oromia: better you come up with some sort of idea which can bring us to Finfinne, work on the absolute unit of Oromo nationals and organizations or I call you Dhukubbis Oromia and wish you retired as you said. Your confusing articles of begging the oromos to unit with their historic enemies will never work for you, as it did not work for so many confusing Oromo leaders in the past. This is simple not because the Oromo hates unit, but the Absinians are not good at it and they NEVER WILL.

  21. Alem

    Aug 9, 12 at 6:41 pm

    Nice analyis Fayyis Oromia*!

  22. Yenegew Yibas

    Aug 9, 12 at 8:09 pm

    Some of us have a vision for one Africa, while some of us have a vision for division/separation of one country into many places. Before we get into the unity of Africa, we need to keep the unity of our country (Immiyee Itiyoopiaa) so that we have coherence and strong economy. To my understanding Mr. Fayis’s “tokkummaa for bilisummaa” means when we have unity (but no division based on ethinicity) in our common country (Ethiopia), then we will achieve freedom (bilisummaa) from oppesors that attempt to divide us.
    Great article Mr. Fayis, and thank you the remaining commentators,

  23. Mortar

    Aug 9, 12 at 10:50 pm

    @Yenegew Yibas:
    The fact that some oromo nationalists have a vision for one Africa doesnot contradict with the vision of independent Oromia. We are not colonized by Africa but by Abysinia. Soveigrin Oromo state under United Africa or independent oromia nation both are one and the same. What we extremely hate and want to fight is the Abysinain occupation of oromo land.

  24. Ajeb

    Aug 10, 12 at 12:12 am

    if you have such a hatred against Fayyis Oromia, just as many Woyane cadres do, you can go on and attack him! This is not new to see and surely all of you Woyane soldiers do celebrate a party if Fayyis Oromia retires as he3 indicated; but don’t fool yoursef, he has produced thousands of Fayyis Oromia’s who know how to kill Woyane. Regarding his call to the all inclusive alliance against Woyane, no surprise that you cry!

  25. Galata

    Aug 10, 12 at 12:19 am

    what a wonderful complemantry analog to the opinion of Fayyis Oromia! Galata guddaa qabda, jabaadhu, Waaqayyoo si haa eebbisu!

  26. Galata

    Aug 10, 12 at 2:00 am

    waan Fayyis afaan Ingliziin barreesse kana waan hubatte hin fakkaatu! Ykn beekaadhuma isa yakkuu barbaadde malee Fayyis akka ati jechuu yaalte kana, walabummaa Oromiyaa dura dhaabbatee hin beeku! Yoo afaan Inglizi sirakkisa ta’e irra deddeebisi dubbiis ykn namni biraa akka siif hiiku gaafadhu; toluma aarii dhaan garaacha kee hin madeessiin!

  27. Ejersa

    Aug 10, 12 at 2:54 am

    Clever! Though repeatedly mention, Obbo Fayyis. May i ask why do you mix Afaan Oromo and English? I am getting worried, this is not the way to develope our language. Please use pure English if you want to write it in English but i would prefer that you use Afaan Oromo.

    The 2nd problem i have with your calculation is, none of our neighbours and even the Opressed nationalities trust us as we repeatedly experience it.

    The only critical precondition for our struggle to be successful is just our unity. here ther is no question, i can’t take you as an ammateur but as a ” veteran ” ;-) never give up brother.

  28. Mix

    Aug 10, 12 at 4:26 am

    I think Fayyis Oromia’s guraamalee usage of both Afaan Oromo and English makes his articles interesting! Those who don’t know Afaan Oromo do learn at least the very important concepts he expressed in Afaan Oromo and our language can be indirectly introduced to the world! Just enjoy the MIX!

  29. Anonymous

    Aug 10, 12 at 6:10 am

    Abba Gadaa, Alem & Glata seems to be the same person. At any rate, I was just going to say that the Alem analogy of baby abduction that Galata speaks highly of doesn’t simply sit well with me. The reason: it peaks volume about the parentage or guardianship of the purported parents. What were they doing when their new born baby was abducted by the said culprit?. Which parent would runaway for his/her life living his/her new born baby in the hands of the abductor. This is not going to occur in the watchful eye of the real parent too. That is why I said this analogy raises more eye brows.

    One more thing, this is also fear mongering in my part. You can’t simply react to fear or do something out of fear of the unknown. You have to do it from your heart.

  30. Qorii Buna

    Aug 10, 12 at 7:18 am

    Folks just keep bickering like always when the pragmatic minority tplf from the minority 6% Tigrians are busy burrying their dead tigrian dictator for life as well as clearing the way for the coming even more dictatorial minority tplf tyrannyand land grabbing. Please keep the bickering stronger and the divisions easier, for that iswhat most of you are experts at since it is the business of the losers. :)

  31. Qanquree Atomsa

    Aug 10, 12 at 7:34 am

    This time you come up with Mr. Baro Tumsa’s picture and sayings.Surprisingly you disagreed with him then untill now about Oromo politics; now you come up with his picture and sayings as though you have agreed with him.Your works up to now have been the opposite of what he stood for.Very sad.

  32. Lola

    Aug 10, 12 at 10:43 am

    galatoomi keessatuu diinaa fi fira keenya eenyu akka ta’e nuuf ibsuu keef! ACF warra Amhara fi ABF warra Tigre duris ta’e, ammas ta’e boru diina keenya. Hunoonni Oromo lamaan (ODF fi OLF) garuu walirratti boba’uu dhiisanii walii galani qabsoo keenya gara fulduraatti furguggeesu irratti hojechuu qabu! Yeroon kun yeroo humnoonni Oromoo wa’ee Walabummaa fi Walfaanummaa irratti wollolan miti!!

  33. Atalay

    Aug 10, 12 at 4:32 pm

    Qanqure Atomsa,
    really? Are Fayyis Oromia’s opinions against that of Obbo Baroo Tumsa? For your information, we all can read his opinions for they are open in websites! Whom do you want to decieve??

  34. Jiraataa

    Aug 12, 12 at 6:30 am

    One way to move forward is for “oromo nationals” like Ob. Fayyis to stop this “either or politics” and stae cleary what you want. There is no legal opposition in the empire, to begin with, and you can’t capture state power without having the military capacity. I think you missed the recent wonderful article by Dr. M. Bulcha that addresses divisive thoughts. Overall, good attempt, but I don’t buy or recommend it, except the unity part.

  35. Irony

    Aug 12, 12 at 8:43 am

    what an irony! Actually, you are the one who do follow the “either-or-politics” by sticking to only “your way or the high way”! Fayyis Oromia’s approach is in fact more inclusive advocating “oneway as well as the other”! He tells us that both the gradualist approach and your maximalist approach can work!

  36. soolan

    Aug 12, 12 at 8:46 am

    Ulfaadhu gorssa keetifi! Xinno akka nama ogeessa fayyaas ni fakkaatta umurii nuuf dheeradhu, gaaf tokko yoo Jibuuti irraan bane, Dirredhawwa qubanne, Adaamaadhaa kaane Finfinnetti galle dhukubsanne wallaanttu keenya taata ta’aa akka Mallas Zeenaawii akka wallaanttu biyyaa dhabddani wallaanaaf biyyaa bahuni alatti hin hafnne Ethiopia walabaafi dimokraatawaa taate keessaa.!
    Yaa Galata kana caalaa wanti nu gargaaru ture silaa akka nuwi hin dhukubnne yoo garaa irraa nuuf ho’itan ta’e gocha amma irra jirttan kanarra of qusachu atuu danddessani ture, hundeen dhibee keenyasi harra isinuma ta’aa dhufuu keessan hin irraanfatini! Yoo dhumttan dhumaa male nuwi michummaa Habashaa irraa waan nudeebisu hin jiru, inni hamma yoonaa ofumaa yeroo keenya balesineyu nu’aarssaa jira, atu akkas jenne wagga digddama bakke teenyu OPDO nucaaltte mana meeqa ijaarratte horooma meeqa arggatte, dhaqii gowwaake barbaadi akka ati jettu naaf gala!
    Afaan ingliffa kan Obbo Fayyis ittiin barressemo kan Obbo Baaroon ittin haasa’etu naagalu dida laataako, hin barre! Irra kaachu garu nan dandda’a. Hammatti isin nutti himuufi dhamaatan sana garu hubachuun waa’uu na hin dhibu jedhen yaada. Rakkinni keeyna ilaa siif hagalu, afaan mitiimi, yaada isin hojettanttu nuuf hin galu! Ni yaadatta dhengadda nammi tokko waayedhuma akka kanaa tokko dubartti / nama / Bilise jedhamttu tokko deebisaa ture. Waan isini hojettanttu nuuf hin galu!!!
    Lafa nami sih gaafate dhiiftte lafa biraa maaf ibsuufi rakkatte ati ofii? Dubbi ishe walabummaafi Bilisummaa jedhamttu kana badaa akka isin jaallattani naaf gala, hundefi manne burjaajifi waliin dhahumssa ija dubbii keessani akka ta’e sirriittan beeka. Tokko keessa ijaajitani isa gara biraa jechufisi daanno gaari akka isiniif ta’e hubanno guutuun qaba. Walabummaa Bilisummaan degerame kan nuwi haasofnnu. Bilisummaa independence, based on walabumma freedom of all rights! Isa irraa moroddefi qota baaftte….. Jibuutii kaane hamma….. Finfinne wajjin geenye booda isin yoo barbaaddani bosonatti galu ykn deebi’u danddessu, jette isa qabsso ummata kanaatti baaccu dhiisu qabddan siin jeha ati yoo Fayyis mataa isaasi ykn nama biraas taate ani dhiifama wajjin!! Walabummaa Bilisummaa bakke jette ati falmitu sana hin feenudha kan siin jedhaa jirru. Bilisummaafi Walabummaadhafi kan walduukaa qabsoofnnufi.
    Baaroo Tumssa akkuma ijoolle Oromoo baaye yeroo sanaa karaa qabsso gitaa rakkinni sanyummaa Itiophia keessa jiru hikamu dandda’a, laata jedhe kanaafi ummata achuma jalatti gita gitaan kurfesine akka inni karaa dimokraata’aa ta’en humnna warra yarttu habashaa irraa fudhatu jedhe yaade yeroo gabaabaafi Mangistu H/M wajjin hojetaa turuu isaa nammi akka Leencoo Lataafaa wajjin turani beekusi. Suni hin baafnneeyu Habashaa wajjin shirkummaan hiriyummaa umuuni oromoofi bu’aa fiduun iddo akka hin dandda’amnne bareefi bosona dhaqe. Leencos duukaa bahe. Edda dhimmi Oromoo kan hiikamu qabu karaa qabsso hidhanootiin jedhani bahani booda enyuudhaani jecha gubbaadhaa dhihaate kana ebbisufi kana jedhe jettani amma maqaa isaatin daldaluufi kana nuuf dhihesitaniidha, gaafin dhihaate. Yoom akka inni jedhefi dhimma maali irrattifi maal ilaalchise akk inni haasa’e maafi hin dhihesine, sababnni isaa dubbi guddaafi waaye Itophiya keessatti habashaa wajjin hojetani Oromoo humnnaafi haqa isaa agamsiisu akka hin dandenye baree hubate edda bahee miti Obbo Baaroon kan haasaa kana godhe logically!
    Whether you’re Fayyis or somebody else, I have this piece of advice for you that, unless you have some planned aim of misguiding your readers and distorting some information from the very beginning, it’s your duty to supply your readers with full information whenever you present such a standard / formal / piece of writing concerning somebody important like this legend. Before you do your part of this simple procedure of writing, it would be clear arrogance of you to insult others for raising simple questions for what they didn’t understand out of the stories under discussion forwarded by you. If you think this is a serious mistake, then it isn’t your reader’s problem, rather it’s your own weakness and error that you’ve deliberately done, for simple reason that you wanted the authority / the quoted / to be mentioned in order to easily convince your readers towards the side you want to win under whatever condition, or to satisfy your interest of confusing the readers, but since you knew the deliberation of full information to the readers about this happening plays against your aim, so to avoid that mess, you chose to hide a vivid and very necessary source or the setting of the information! So, my dear friend Galata, do not blame your readers for asking you questions after you produced a question begging account like that and open it all confusions yourself for some possible calculated mission! Consequently, I would say that, now you have a moral and literary duty to give us a full information of your quotation, so that we will analyze your article, and proceed with the next steps, if you really need the conversation continue and the truth about it will be revealed finally!

    I wish you all the best.

  37. Galata

    Aug 12, 12 at 10:22 am

    if you do have any grudge against Fayyis, as most of his opponents, especially the Woyane cadres, do, just adress your attack at him directly! I just asked you: where did you read his idea opposing Walabummaa Oromiyaa, which you couldn’t verrify now. For your other attacking of the messanger, instead of the message, I have no time to entertain! If you can, show me where he did oppose Oromia’s independence, which you seem to defend or protect here!

  38. The majestic Oromian bateleur

    Aug 12, 12 at 1:05 pm

    Simply and clearly, those who *** what is upseting them in their stomach on Oromo writers are either they are enemies with Oromos day names, or they are vulture-Oromos who are living only for their stomachs.

  39. Hundumaa Bobbaasaa

    Aug 12, 12 at 4:28 pm

    Qanquree Atomsa,

    “This time you come up with Mr. Baro Tumsa’s picture and sayings. Surprisingly you disagreed with him then until now about Oromo politics; now you come up with his picture and sayings as though you have agreed with him. Your works up to now have been the opposite of what he stood for. Very sad.” you wrote

    I am not a politician at all but all things being equal, and if what you have stated is correct, I must say that it is an excellent characteristics for Fayyis Oromia to undergo such changes in line with the dynamic social changes all around us in order to come up with timely and healthy suggestions every sensible human loves. You seem to be trying to STOP the natural social, political, etc. changes as well as the dependent human changes along the line. So why don’t you forget about the past alleged wrong doings and celebrate the current alleged right doings which in fact is Very Good rather than being Very bad. Petty bickering is not the way to liberty but an alliance based on mutual tolerance is the way to the freedom highway. :)

  40. Biliisuma

    Aug 12, 12 at 5:58 pm


    You Siad “If you have such a hatred against Fayyis Oromia, just as many Woyane cadres do, you can go on and attack him!”
    I never hate any human being let alone my fellow Oromo brother, and I am not the Woyane cadres too and this is not an attack. Who told you that we (the Oromos) can not stop or reject the idea of fellow Oromos if it is against our core value, safu and interest?

    You also said this “This is not new to see and surely all of you Woyane soldiers do celebrate a party if Fayyis Oromia retires as he3 indicated; but don’t fool yoursef”

    Look Ajeb, I think you live in a different world far from the empire Ethiopia or you are one of those confused Oromo or you are rather the Woyane yourself. Do you think the Woyanes hate the “all inclusive Ethiopia” that Fayyis Oromia promoting? Who will be the loser if “Independent Democratic Republic Oromia state established?”

    AND Again “he has produced thousands of Fayyis Oromia’s who know how to kill Woyane. Regarding his call to the all inclusive alliance against Woyane, no surprise that you cry!”

    Well Ajeb! If as per your statistics Fayyis Oromia produced so many cowards, yes the Woyanes must be happy. Please stop confusing your self and others like you,

    Unless you are the Woyane yourself, they clearly know who is the treating idea for the decolonization of the Oromia and the south. My advise to you and Fayyis Oromia is one and only one. STOP the defeatist idea of all inclusive and come to the true campy of Orummumma. Nothing will stop us from having our country back from the Absinians, whether you and your likes keep on advertising the dying empire Ethiopia.

  41. soolan

    Aug 12, 12 at 7:51 pm

    First of all I apologize to assume that you may be Fayyis Oromiya! I now understood that you’re not he himself. You should be one of his victims though. He may laugh at you as you asked me, where I read him saying he doesn’t support walabummaa, arinent, independence, liberation …etc., but just supports bilisummaa, freedom; UNION WITH ETHIOPIA, by freedom which he means, any “democratically” undertaken election under any existing Ethiopian system, once the woyane’s minority force has gone for good!
    To know where I read him saying he is not for INDEPENDENCE OR WALABUMMA, but FREEDOM or BILISUMMA, I invite you to go and read very carefully what he is arguing for and against on the very article we are commenting right now. If you fail to get him very clearly here, go and find him on his subsequent articles he posted concerning the so called chemistry of political formula for Ethiopia and Oromo on this and other oromo websites at different times.
    As you said, I agree to your claim of being busy to continue with this topic, so, don’t I expect much from you, and also since you seem somewhat naive about his shrewdness, I became very aware now that you didn’t know even how he didn’t want deliberately to mention, on what occasion, when, and why, Obbo Baaroo said that quotation in the first place.
    But again, still though you look different guy from him, you are identical with him in that anyone who questions his political stand or shows difference from him is considered as woyane’s cadre or foot soldier!
    Two things to be mentioned here are, it is very sad that you guys character assassinate people, so that you avoid facing challenges you cannot stand, by doing so you shut the opportunities of looking into your works that could have possibly enabled you correct your mistakes before it’s too late to do. Also it’s ridiculous that you don’t at all listen to what a public cites to you as a mistake, because this is about one big nation to which all of us belong, but not about your own personal property that you don’t accept anything than what you think is right! What really you or your favorite Fayyis lack is that you can not be absolutely righteous whom no body can criticize for possible mistakes seen in your popular journey and public discourses. If every body who tells you something that seems needs fixing and you don’t have any room for that correction, how do you think “your way or no way” philosophy, which he seems to talk much about as authoritarian, or one man dictatorship in Africa is different from you guys or does help Oromo we think will be free one day regardless of when, how and what way anyway?

    Again I wish you guys good luck!

  42. Ajeb

    Aug 13, 12 at 5:09 am

    where did you read Fayyis Oromia “promoting an all inclusive Ethiopia” at the cost of an independent Oromia? Go back and study the short formula he used 3000x/d!!

  43. Galata

    Aug 13, 12 at 5:22 am

    Whether Fayyis Oromia is a person you describe here or someone else, his readers can judge! So you are entitled to your attitude towards him as a person. But as far as your claim regarding his favourite Kaayyoo, is concerned, I would like to invite you to memorize the following part of his article, in which he put an ‘Oromian autonomy within Ethiopian union’ as only a transitional solution towrads ‘Oromian independence within African union’ , which is the lasting solution. Does this forumal make him anti-Walabummaa Oromiyaa as you like to accuse him?

    “…….. To comprehend the difference, let us look at the four current political blocs in the empire:

    – andinet hayiloch (unity forces): those forces, whom I can designate as Abyssinian Centralist Forces (ACF) are still trying to bring back the unitary empire as it had been before 1991, with the pretext of Ethiopian unity, still nostalgically longing for the empire, which was dominated by Amhara and Amharinya. This group wants to re-achieve the past & obsolete ‘Oromian extinction within Amhara empire;’

    – abiyotawi hayiloch (revolutionary forces): the current ruling fascist regime of Woyane’s revolutionary democratic forces, which also can be named as Abyssinian Bantustanist Fronts (ABF) are striving to keep the evil status quo of the temporary ‘Oromian occupation within Tigrean empire’;

    – abironet hayiloch (unionist forces): those federalists, who try to achieve both national autonomy for all oppressed nations and regional union for common benefit, be it in the name of Ethiopia or the Horn of Africa. This group includes all Oromian Democratic Federalists (ODF), which want to realize a tactical ‘Oromian autonomy within Ethiopian union’ as a transitional solution;

    – arinet hayiloch (independence forces): those fighting for an independence of their respective nations, like the Oromian Liberation Forces (OLF) do, are freedom fighters, who are determined to push further for an ‘Oromian independence within African union’ as a lasting solution with more citizens’ liberty and national security.

    In short, for the sake of promoting the imperative tokkummaa for bilisummaa, it is important to know the following simplified formula regarding the contradictions and interactions of these known Oromo national Foes vs Friends:

    ACF ABF ODF OLF …..”

  44. Bilise

    Aug 13, 12 at 7:10 am

    Those of you who want to accuse and criminalize Fayyis Oromia as an anti-Walabummaa, just enjoy the following reapeted assertion from him:

    “……Last, but not least, I must repeat the following assertion again and again: genuine killil federation planned by the pro-union OLF can only serve as a transitional arrangement leading us to the future public verdict, where the Oromo mass will choose between ‘an Oromian autonomy within the Ethiopian union’ and ‘an Oromian independence within the African union’ as a lasting solution. This decision must be left for the Oromo public (our David) as an exercise of the right to self-determination after getting rid of Weyane fascists (after hitting the Goliath on his forehead); it should not be predetermined now by the Oromo polity. As far as I am concerned, the following is the reality of the political development in the Ethiopian empire:

    – Unitary Ethiopia of Ginbot-7 is obsolete and belongs to the past;

    – Weyane’s pseudo-federal Ethiopia is evil and temporary;

    – Ethiopian union (true killil-federation) of the pro-union OLF can only be a transitional solution;

    – Oromian independence envisioned by the pro-independence OLF is indispensable and a must;

    – Union of independent nations in the Horn – which can be accepted by both the pro-independence and the pro-union Oromo nationals, is the beneficial and lasting solution for all stakeholders in the region……..”

  45. dhuga

    Aug 13, 12 at 11:48 am

    Ittihimi fi Eenyumma,
    Was it your article which was commented here? Why you guys like insulting others with other openion?
    Do not care about others IQ ( concerning about your Proverb, and about your fish and ape correlation). I know we have wonderful proverbs and sayings. But if we do not use them properly and practically, they are useless. How many oromo proverbs and oromo sayings you know for example about tokkumma or Bilisumma ? Every oromo can mention for you one or more proverbs about it. But, when you came to practical tokkumma ? I leave it for you, because you know the reality on the ground. So, we need to be more realistic and more practical what we are saying and praising.

    For me, it was crystal clear what Obbo Baro Tumsa and his combatants mean that way about our oromo struggle for liberation and freedom. His speech was about the unity of oromo society for liberation and after all for social and political power of oromo people. It was quit different from that of FO’s strategy for freedom and libration. We do not need to spinn around and formulate many algorith to solve the problem.

    We just want to get back our liberation and freedom on earth, on our Oromiya like other colonized nations. We do not want to occupy Mars.


  46. Freedom

    Aug 16, 12 at 4:42 am

    YES! Tokkummaa for Bilisummaa is really feasible! It is surprising that our Oromo national leaders and scholars are still busy in antagonizing our liberation camp based on a divide of “Ethiopian democratization” VS “Oromian liberation”. Fact on the ground is that there are universally two phases of liberation struggle: FREEDOM phase and REFERENDUM phase. In the first phase (Gadaa Bilisummaa), there is no question that we need bullet to achieve our people’s freedom, whereas in the second phase (Gadaa Walabummaa), we go to a ballot box to vote for Oromia’s independence! All Oromo liberation forces should foster Tokkummaa in the first phase and then be ready to compete in the second phase. In the first phase, we do choose between Garbummaa and Bilisummaa, whereas in the second phase we vote on walabummaa (independence) VS walfaanummaa (union). It is absurd to debate and fight against each other now being under Garbummaa. This presently ongoing quarell about “Ethiopian democratizatioon” and “Oromian liberation” actually must take place later, in the second phase, after achieving our Bilisumma by any means! I hope the new generation will do better than our present leaders and scholars, who failed to grasp this fact for the last more than 40 years!

  47. soolan

    Aug 16, 12 at 4:24 pm

    Galata and Bilise, I apologize for the delay,

    Leaving others out, I would pick up the so called OLF group which is pro-union/ true killil ,/ or ODF, Obbo Fayyis likes to talk much about; the section that tells us about the importance of Oromo’s union with the rest of the habasha people to oust the other habasha leader, so that Oromo would benefit from that move as a result. Of which he gives us a concession of staying just for a short transitional autonomy status so that we don’t fear uniting with the system we fought for almost half a century now!
    I want to raise the following points to show that this isn’t either beneficiary to the Oromo; nor is it possible to happened, and even the group could not deserve the name liberator at all, but only the unionist, because of the following reasons,
    1- Since this section of formula of Obboo Fayyis is to striving to create a union with the rest of the habasha in that country including with the ones we began the struggle to liberate ourselves from, be it temporarily or permanently, this group should not be called a liberator, for no organization or entity could be a liberator from, and a union with the same status quoiat the same time. It either should be a liberating force or a unionist force at a time. As we always hear from this author and what he looks prefer to happen is, this section would be one of an OLF groups which would stay in Addis for a briefest possible period of time for a tactical reason, then continues with its program of conducting the popular referendum being under the Ethiopian liberal system to decide as what the Oromo’s future fate would be, either to stay with Ethiopia or choose to become an independent entity, just like that! No problem at all! Nobody would obstacle it from doing so. Doesn’t it look funny?
    By writing and preaching this unachievable theory, though Obbo Fayyis claims to look pro-independence OLF agent to obscure his stand from us, he’s not more than the other ODF forces who like to work under the embrace of their beloved Ethiopia, so he remains anti- independence!!!
    2-Everybody knows that such a game with the Abyssinian forces isn’t the first and wouldn’t be the last either, but what we need to know about this is that it had never worked in the past, as I’m going to show, citing some few historical examples,, and in fact, it wouldn’t work this time for the following reasons,this approach would be without claiming detail happenings and accuracies!
    – there isn’t convincing historical times in which such possibilities had shown where we could outsmart them tactically and enable the Oromo voting for their future fate, while the habasha negligently sit folding their hands and observe what is going on when they know that if the Oromo given a chance of deciding their fate, they would most likely vote for their independence.
    -in the history of that country we have a lot of notable historical and political incidents in which we can cite instances to show the impracticabilities of the option of bringing the Oromo the kind of solution it needs to get rid of its century plus colonial problem that many paid precious prices for, so far!
    – the habasha politicians and state leaders have very common characteristics that after demolishing their first enemy using the Oromo’s materials and manpower / especially militarily and intellectuals / then they either destroy the Oromo leaders gradually and systematically, or openly and violently, to eliminate them to get relief from the potential future threat they think the Oromo and their leaders would cause them.
    – As said above in history such games of using the Oromo to oust the other habasha leaders and then destroying the Oromo in the second round game started in its initial form during the middle age when the last king of a Zegue dynasty was overthrown by his own Oromo general through a conspiracy from the back by the other Amara and the first king, who restored the solomonic dynasty, that dynasty lasted as a legitimate and exclusive ruling class up until the era of the late emperor H/S, the King of Kings of Ethiopia! Then the newly reigned king eliminated the commander in chief of the national force who was an Oromo, once he was done with the first enemy and the last Zeguwe dynasty’s king.
    – It is interesting also to see how king Sesunous and emperor Minilik the II used the Oromo people and its leaders to rescue their lives from another kings’ risks as young aristocrats and raised in the Oromo landlords palaces and enriched with the Oromo culture and military training, as young men and enjoyed Oromo’s’ support to rise to the top of their powers respectively, but finally both of them became notable destroyers of the Oromo people and its leaders as a whole.
    -No one Oromo individual and collective can forget how the Oromo warlord DJ. Gobana Dacce was used by the habasha grown king Minilik to conquer the Oromo land in the process of his occupation of the Oromo lands and other southern and western regions. We then know what happened to this hero and the Oromo people during that time and after the incorporation was over! They systematically ruined and eliminated him. The Oromo failed under thier direct colony up until present time!
    -We can’t forget also what happened to the well-known Oromo hero Fit. H/ Giorgis Dinagdde after he led the known battle of Negele that was broken between the other Oromo of Wallo Governor, Ras Mika’el and the Shewan central power, as the Governor determined to fight the central power for their conspiracy of overthrowing his son Lij Iyasu, who was the heir of emperor Minilik at the time. In favoring the future emperor H/Silassie, Habte Giowrgis fought Mika’el but after the battle and the victory over Iyasu , Haile would start killing the strong figure who played a decisive role as a defense minister and commander of the army in defeating the Governor. As Haileselasse secured his power he eliminated Habte Giorgis from the central leading group, and in fact the oppression of the Oromo people was intensified and continued in its double fold in economical and national aspects.
    -Again we can’t forget how the military forces used the Oromo intellectuals and political leaders to stabilize and structure their central powers, and after they finished their jobs they destroyed both the leaders and their organizations instantly. Me’ison and Ici’at, movements and their known leaders like Haile Fida and Baro Tumsa are in our fresh memory.
    -We also can’t forget how the OLF and the Oromo people were used by TPLF and EPLF in seizure of powers respectively and how they sometimes together, and the other times separately weakened and divided it, and finally eliminated it from the ruling charter, and made it illegal and worked hard to destroy it from existence up until today! Some of the leaders of the Organizations are the living testimony to tell us what happened to them and their people at the time, if need be.
    So, looked from above very few of what happened to our people and its leaders, be it as a direct representative, organization leaders or as an individual leaders, we observe one common characteristic from the enemy side regardless of time’s and condition’s differences that, they always use the Oromo as a whole or its organizations or individual leaders to oust or overthrow the first enemy, and then, on the second round they will check with the very force that enabled them to win the first struggle, and settle to destroy the Oromo as a people, or as organization leaders or as an individual leaders! This is their common characteristic and tactics to live and rule that country in which the Oromo took part so far.
    Now, another scenario of the same pattern looks underway in which another forces who couldn’t and don’t want to learn from history of the past are ready to get on line to help the first group of habasha to oust the other dictator to replace him with another, maybe with a worst violation and cancellation of the so called nominal rights the Oromo people won through its so long struggle, about which the new enemy doesn’t even have patience of hearing leave alone putting it in practice. / I hope Fayyis and his friends don’t call me woyane’s foot soldier, or cadre as they read this, for I can assure them I’m not such a person, but if they want the truth of this pattern, as I said, they have people at their reach whom I believe they closely work with, or even could be one of them, if not he himself the author, who’s a prominent actor of this time!/
    Hence, my concern with Fayyis Oromiya’s formula #3 which calls for “the Omiya’s autonomy within Ethiopian union as only a transitional solution towards oromian independence;” this being to benefit the Oromo in a very smart and tactical way while the enemy doesn’t do anything regarding this move the Oromo and its leaders are busy to practice under their very site. As I said above, Obbo Fayyis soothes us by giving us a short period to stay under the Ethiopian forces in Addis, as if they are naïve of whatever the oromo and their organization do, where the habasha force we know from the above cited examples are very aware about the political need the Oromos have, and very cautious about what they do, and in fact, very instant to act to subvert their trial using anything under their power.
    Therefore, the pro-union option whether for short or long period of time isn’t going to work, this is just a dream never transformed into practice, but remains in the mind of Obbo Fayyis and his likings, and the choice they take and the preference they make for this option convinces me that this people don’t miss this difficulties, but they are doing this simply because they have natural internal defect of self-reliance and confidence in themselves as people, so that nature denies them of standing by themselves, and that reflects in their political view and leadership, and unfortunately that got us stacked on our way to liberation journey we began openly since 40 years, and couldn’t get anywhere so far, thanks to their internal sabotages and divisions which condemned us to a weakness we talk about every day, instead of unity that could have enabled us stand firmly and run smoothly our affairs in a timely manner and achieve our goal set for us along with the true and original establishment of OLF we know from the beginning!!!
    Oromiya shall be free!

  48. dachaas

    Aug 16, 12 at 4:49 pm

    This is unachievable theory you’re preaching it, we clearly know you, the same guy who wrote the other time about this evil theory that stood only for the enemy! You think you come victorious by concluding this arguement using this strong, but false and fake statement by appearing last, maybe wanting the analogy that says, who spoke last would win the conversation! That won’t be true here. Our age of garbbummaa and gabbaarumma or whatever we are in is enlongated because of your internal sabotage and self-denial leadership, in which you are shamefully ready now to surrender to the enemy before even fighting in a meaningful manly way ever since your days of departure from Finfinne as a leader of the Front!
    Nobody trusts you anymore since every oromo knows you inspite of your trial of hiding yourself under your fake names always!

  49. Galata

    Aug 17, 12 at 3:48 am

    I can see the difference between you and Fayyis: you are V-politician, whereas he is Y-nationalist! To understand What I mean, read the following comment I got from other discussions:

    “To make both a genuine national independence of Oromoland and a regionl union of Cushland be a reality and to help the struggle for freedom be successful, certain questions must be answered. For instance: despite the fact that the two BIG nations (Amhara and Oromo) in the Ethiopian empire are under a very dire situation, why did they fail not to foster a unity of the Oromo liberation fronts or that of the Amhara democratic forces and not to form an alliance with each other or with the other anti-Woyane forces? One brilliant Oromo intellectual recently raised a nice question: “how can we overcome the mentality of the 19th century?” http://gadaa.com/oduu/9750/2011/06/14/marii-biyyaa-vol-1-no-5-dialogue-for-understanding-deciding-taking-practical-action/ The answer to this question can be: the only way for us to overcome this mentality is by embracing the 21st century mentality of democracy. The 19th century mentality of brute force and mischieve, under which few of the Oromo elites and most of the Habesha elites in the Ethiopian empire are suffering, is the backward mentality of the dictators (of the V-politicians); whereas the 21st century mentality is that of the democrats (of the Y-politicians), who do believe in human and national freedom to self-determination. For what do both the letters V and Y stand here? Who are these V or Y Oromo and Habesha politicians?

    To understand the V-politicians, let’s just imagine a big letter V and try to visualize that at the bottom junction of the letter are the Tigrean dictators keeping the status quo of Tigrean hegemony; at the left top tip of the letter are the dictatorial independenists of the Oromo, Ogaden…etc; and at the right top tip are the dictatorial unitarists of the Amhara, Gurage….etc. If we look at the way how these three forces deal with each other, they just do want to achieve their respective goals unconditionally: the Tigrean hegemonists want to keep their domination at any cost, the dictatorial Oromo independenists try to achieve Oromian independence at any cost and the dictatorial Amhara unitarists also want to bring back their Amharinized and unified Ethiopia at any cost. Especially, the unconditional positions of the two opposition camps, i.e that of the unconditional independenist Oromo and that of the unconditional unitarist Amhara, who are antagonizing each other and continiously barking at each other, is a trillion dollar lottery, which the ruling Tigrean elites are enjoying now by further dividing and polarizing the two opposition camps, because of the fact that both the Amhara dictators and the Oromo dictators (the V-politicians of the two opposition camp) can not forge a challenging an all-inclusive alliance against the Woyane!

    To see who the Y-politicians (the democrats in the two opposition camps) are, let’s just try to imagine a very big letter Y and try to distinguish four points on the letter (the bottom tip, the middle junction, the left top tip, and the right top tip). Then let’s imagine that the bottom tip is the status-quo of Ethiopian politics, where both the Amhara and the Oromo are under the tyranny of the Woyane; the middle junction is a point for freedom of both nations from the tyranny; the left top tip is the point of Oromian independence; and the right top tip is the point for Ethiopian union. Then let’s imagine that this letter Y is a route of the liberation journy for both the Amhara and the Oromo from the tyranny, from their present common situation, towards their short term and long term goals. Can we imagine that the democrats of these two oppressed nations do have a possibility to move from the bottom tip (point of tyranny) to the middle junction (point of freedom) together? This is our common route of the journey towards this common converging short term goal (kaayyoo) of freedom. Then after will come, the two diverging routes towards the two different and diverging long term goals of the two nations: the left top tip = Oromian independence (the long term goal of the Oromo liberators) and right top tip = Ethiopian union (the long term goal of the Amhara democrats).

    Now if we could imagine this letter Y very well, it is not hard to comprehend that we need the Amhara-Oromo alliance (the all-inclusive alliance) to move from the status-quo of tyranny to the point of Freedom, not to move together to the right top tip (together to the Ethiopian union goal of the Amhara) or together to the left top tip (together to the Oromian independence goal of the Oromo people). After achieving our Freedom together, it is upto the Oromo public to decide per referendum which direction to move further: to the left top tip of Oromian independence or to the right top tip of Ethiopian union. If the Oromo majority will choose to move to the right top tip, then our long term kaayyoo will be similar to that of the Amhara democrats, i.e Ethiopian union. Otherwise, if the Oromo majority will choose to move to the left top tip, no Habesha dictator can hinder the Oromo nation from achieving this Oromian independence.”

  50. Freedom

    Aug 17, 12 at 3:55 am

    it looks that you do have someone in mind, not the person called Freedom here, when you write your attacking sentences. Why don’t you be open and call the name of that man, who “departed from Finfinne as a leader of the Front”? Why should you be such a coward??

  51. soolan

    Aug 17, 12 at 4:35 am

    I apologize for mistaking The Battle of “Sagele” for “Nagele”, that happened b/n Habte GIorgis and Ras Mika’il of Wallo

  52. dachaas

    Aug 17, 12 at 8:35 pm

    Hey Friends,
    Please forgive me for mistaking th Battle of Sagale, for The Battle of Nagele.

  53. Zeyigerim

    Aug 18, 12 at 1:23 am

    It is simply good that you exposed yourself at last by posting the same apology using both nick-names: Soolan and Dachaas!

  54. AY

    Aug 18, 12 at 9:21 am

    If your final goal is independence you will not go anywhere. That should be a lesson OLF should learn from the past 40 years. Because if OLF seeks independence, whether you like it or not you will need the support of other ethnic groups in Ethiopia. Eritrea had the full support of Tigrai and a few amharas. But before they had their support they weren’t going enywhere, they were just confined to the mountains of nakfa. Olf is confined to the mountains of Bale and the only support they have is from eritrea, which is inconsquential party because it has already decided not to be part of Ethiopia.
    My point is to separate completely OLF needs other ethnic groups support, for the last 40 years OLF leadership is probably the worst of all the liberation fronts formed in ethiopia. Because they had the biggest manpower but the least results because they didn’t build alliances with other ethnic groups which would facilitate their goal of independence.
    I think the current division of the OLF is a sign of this confusion and frustration with seeing smaller ethnic groups like the eritreans with less than a quarter of the oromos population achieving their goal of succession. And the tigres with hardly 5 million population running the country and humiliating OLF.
    At this crossroad for the OLF, the group needs to assess the situation on the ground and tweak them to suit the current practicalities. Some OLF factions seem to have done that (e.g. GEN. kemal Gelchu and Gen. Hailu Gonfa’s group) and decided to drop succession and build alliances with other ethnic groups. The other factions need to join them and coordinate a multi ethnic opposition with a goal of a federated Ethiopia. Otherwise the other more conservative factions will either just dissolve or remain troops on the Internet just like now.

  55. dachaas

    Aug 19, 12 at 8:46 pm


    You really don’t know him? I could be coward for not to be humiliated and maybe get slapped on my chicks as what was about to happen with his Simbbirttu Radio interviewer last time? You remember that? That very gentleman was saved, simply because he wasn’t with him physically, but I may be just where he is! So I can’t endure the possible strikes, if he meets me somewhere in the meeting hall, or on the way, or somewhere in the neighborhood!!
    Have you seen why we advise him to retire from any political activities after this? Once you lose your patience, then your reasoning power would be led by your total emotions, and your leadership be jeopardized, and your mental health status would be something you need to consult your psychiatrist for!
    By the way, we have been suspected his situation for a while, but no many observers believed he would be at such a condition though, and those like you even never accepted the suspicion in the first place! You judge somebody from what he/she does daily and periodically anyways! I hope you don’t forget the wisdom of our people’s saying that, ” Sodaataatu lama bula,”…,or you dare to encourage me to face him whatever the result maybe? Aha..ha..ha………………..
    The point is whether you’re him or other person, you have the same spirit, the kind of it that I have difficult to deal with. Just a piece of advice I want to give you / you guys / come back to your senses and start to think of working with your fellow Oromo first, then after getting more strength, you may go out to deal with other friends if you need, or even with the enemies you love more than your own selves, according to the holy bible, and again whom you love more than your fellow Oromo according to the fool’s philosophy, the fools who don’t want to learn from their past history, disgraces, messes, and failures! The truth being that though, it’s always reality that, it’s better to deal with a family to better shape the neighbor, and community, and the going more wider, and wider. If we need better gain from our negotiation with others, first unity with our own selves is important, because when negotiating we are doing a business of giving and taking process. If we have unity with our own selves, we gain strength, if we have strength, we gain most of what we demand from our opponents, if we have no unity with our own selves, we lack strength, if we lack strength, we give most of what our opponents demand of us! Which way is useful to our people’s interest? Why you run single by single just to lay down under the shoes of our enemies? Why the patience you have for your people’s enemies, aren’t in you guys when it is with your own people? Why you look lacking confidence in yourselves, and your own people? If you tell me what you did to bring your own people to your philosophy, and you couldn’t manage convincing them, then tell me where and when, and why, and show me if they didn’t have point to convince you, and if that is the reason why you couldn’t be with them! Unless you have convincing point here, you don’t take me anywhere, no matter you bisecting sections of the oromo, and give yourselves false position, and create unachievable and your own imagination and abstract goal, when your fellow Oromos tell and remind you of what happened to their people in the history of that country in the past and present time in a clear and concrete ways!
    Wasn’t this man I’m talking about a member and leader of the group in Addis, when the Habasha who promised them and the world to conduct fair and free democratic election in 1991/2 violated every election law at every stations, and weren’t willing to correct the violations, then didn’t they pulled out of the process and evacuated the country at once? Does he think that characteristics would go out of their politicians once the Tigrians depart and the Amharas replace them? What kind of grantee does he have to trust them? Is it his Y democratic Ethiopian left wing coalition’s promise he / his other friend was telling us yesterday on this article’s comments somewhere? That’s another stupidity for me! Shame on you guys for categorizing and equating the Oromo who up to now known of either of its golden traditional gada system, or rule under severe habasha colonial administeration; with the known Tigrian and Amhara dictatorial rulers like that! You can talk about these two similar people with the same philosophy of administrations in that country as dictators, aristocrats false democrats, socialists, false federalists looking from the history of what they did to us, and their own peoples to some extents. Where did you see Oromo dictating its people or others in history? Do you guys have any social and political background and facts for this assertion?
    Do you know how this would earn you if you take it to the markets of your enemies, for you are creating another theory for what they don’t willing to fulfill the demand of our people’s rights so far? It’s more than what you’re saying wins others; “the dictators,” as you said or your friend said yesterday, about “trillions or more?” Because you are telling them that not only them, but also the Oromos are dictators like them! Then what’s the difference? Why are they have to give us or made give us what we’re struggling for? We are all dictators. We’re all equal!! You see what you or him, or Galata, or Bilise, Ajeb, or Fayyis or.. I can say more,… are doing to our struggle? Not only saying and talking, but you are ready to take this group to Addis to give a ride to those who are ready to put themselves on our people’s shoulders for the next unlimited length of years! What can we do about you guys?
    By the way, do not think that I don’t tell this guy openly, and no reason at all to be cowardice believe me, but just a safuu and a respect! If he doesn’t deserve that norm, it is easy to talk to him in the way he likes to be addressed!!!!

  56. Freedom

    Aug 20, 12 at 7:32 am

    Dachaas (Soolan),
    when I read your fervent and energetic struggle against certain group of the Oromo natiionalists, I can imagine that you are one of either our FOES or our FOOLS! No genuine and conscious Oromo nationalist do now direct his gun away from Woyane and direct it to Leencoo Lataa, the man you are talking about, but so coward to call his name directly. LL is entitled to his approach and opinion in Oromo national liberation struggle. You seem to fear Amhara replacing Tigre and you accuse LL as if he is promoting this idea. This assertion speaks for the fact that you are one of the “smart” foes (Woyane foot soldiers) trying to camouflage as pro-independent Oromo and you try to fight against other Oromo, just for the sake of sowing a discord between the pro-independence and pro-union Oromo nationalists. To your MERDO, the author of the above article put the classical and simple formula in order to kill the evil mationation of you and your likes. The formula simply shows: Amahara’s Ethiopia is the past (already dead); your Tigrai’s Ethiopia is temporary (lying on the death bed); the coming NEW Ethiopia, about which LL and the likes are talking is only transitional; and an independent Oromia is the future. This formula kills your Woyane cadre’s move to divide and destroy the Oromo liberation camp as well as it unifies the pro-independence and the pro-union Oromo nationalists, because the verdict will be given by the Oromo public’s referendum on: ‘the future New Etuioian union’ VS ‘the Gadaa Oromian independence’! So just look at your dictatorial character, which also justifies your own Abyssinian culture and nature! Jabaadhu qaama Oromoo tokko akkas loluu ti! Oromoon garuu wal qabattee ni sin mooti!

  57. Gale

    Aug 20, 12 at 9:27 am

    Itoophiyaan Amhara duute jirti; Itoophiyaan Tigree du’uuf deemti; Itoophiyaa haaraa keessa darbina; Oromiyaan walaba galma keenya!!!

  58. Fayyaalleessa

    Aug 20, 12 at 5:08 pm

    Obboo Fayyis Oromia,

    You are a true Ethiopianist in the Oromo clothing. Your attemp is to mislead. It is too late for you to fool the Oromo nationals. I have followed all your postings closely; all are posted for the purpose of misleading.

    First and formost, you are hiding your name and using good Oromo names, namely Fayyis, and Oromia. Fayyis Oromia is not your true name. It is meant to mislead Oromo. You should be ashamed of yourself for so doing. Let us know your own true name. Do not hide it. If you hide your name, you may only fool the fools. No more, no less. If you hide your name, your are enemy agent. Why you hide your name?

  59. abba tole

    Aug 20, 12 at 7:18 pm

    well said abba gadaa. people try to understand his analogy and fayyis.
    you don’t just walk on only one path forever. you have to look at other options to rescue and gain your lost freedom.
    bilisumman tan Oroomooti.

  60. Moo'aa

    Aug 21, 12 at 7:41 am

    you can whine as long as you want, fact on the ground is that Fayyis single handedly killed the effort of you, the Woyane foot soldiers. His formula simply shows: Amahara’s Ethiopia is the past (already dead); your Tigrai’s Ethiopia is only temporary (lying on the death bed); the coming NEW Union (Ethiopia), about which LL and the likes are talking is only transitional; and an independent Oromia is the future.

  61. Good

    Sep 1, 12 at 3:40 pm

    YES! Amhara’s Ethiopia is the past; Tigrai’s Ethiopia is only temporary; NEW Ethiopian union will be transitional; but an Independent Oromia is the future!

  62. Abdii

    Sep 9, 12 at 6:12 pm

    Ayyee abboo fayyis yaada kee ibsuu keetiif gaariidha garuu ati yeroo hundaa yaada diiggaa fi wal xaxaa karaa biraa olola diinaa (indirect) facasuu waan hintaanee tokkoo akka ta’etti yaada diigaa oomishuu malee waan gatii qabu tokkooyyuu hin argne.gochaa kee kana ifa ofi baasii hojjeedhu maqaa oromoon hin daldaliin yoo qaroo wagbarruu barreessaa taate gara dirree dhugattii bakka dhiirri jiruttii bahii argisiis.malee yeroo hundaa formulaan ati ati baastu hin jiru obboo fayyis ati maal fayyistaa diiguu malee.

  63. Integrator

    Sep 15, 12 at 3:15 am

    When we do observe the authors and commentators in the Oromo websites, we just do see two groups of Oromo nationalists and scholars: the ANTAGONIZERS and the INTEGRATORS. The antagonizers do pray the mantra of polarizing the Oromo liberation forces presenting them as if they are irreconcilable enemies being divided into two Oromo camps: pro-union and pro-independence. Usually the antagonizers cry as if the pro-union Oromo are collaborators to the Abyssinian camp. On the other hand, the integrators do look at the two post-bilisummaa Oromo goals (independence/walabummaa vs union/walfaanummaa) of the Oromo as two sides of the same coin (two sides of bilisummaa); they try to assert that both the pro-independence and the pro-union Oromo nationalists are de facto pro-bilisummaa (freedom fighters), who do have two reconcilable alternative objectives. Interestingly Woyane foot soldiers try to camouflage as pro-independent Oromo and curse the pro-union nationalists or the vice versa just for the sake of sawing a discord in Oromo liberation camp.Ttheir motive is clear: Oromo should be divided, antagonized and polarized in order to be kept weak and ruled. What is pity here is that some of our nationalists and scholars simply fall in this trap of the Woyane cadres and do the bidding of our enemy without any payment. Actually Woyane has hired a lot of cadres doing the antagonizing job with the millions of dollars being invested on this project. May God open the eyes of our fool antagonizer Oromo nationalists, who are still doing the job of Woyane without payment!

  64. Aboma

    Sep 25, 12 at 9:53 am

    Let us not be bogged down (be stuck) by using political jargon, such as “Ethiopian Democratization.” Let us break it down and ask “What’s IN IT for the Oromo nation?” Mind you, my job is to find out what the Oromo nation gains from any power arrangement – along the lines of autonomy, sovereignty, and perhaps Union.

    Therefore, let us ask ourselves – what’s in the political concept termed as the “Ethiopian Democratization” for the Oromo nation?

    1) Does “Ethiopian Democratization” entail going back to the Xeqilaygizat colonial arrangement for the Oromo nation? – Then, NO, the Oromo nation will not be served by “Ethiopian Democratization.”

    2) Does “Ethiopian Democratization” entail keeping the status quo of political slavery (colonization) for the Oromo nation? – Then, NO, the Oromo nation will not be served by “Ethiopian Democratization.”

    3) Does “Ethiopian Democratization” entail moving Oromia into an autonomous status? – Then, YES – despite the struggle being the total liberation of the Oromo nation and Oromia, getting to an intermediary step of “autonomy” should not be opposed just like the 1975 land reform was not opposed by Oromo nationalists, and just like the 1991 realization of Oromia, Qubee and Afaan Oromo as the official language of Oromia is taken as a step in the right direction.

    So, let’s not scare ourselves by “Ethiopian Democratization” unless it means the first two options I listed above. And, keep in mind about the Oromo liberation movement is capable of doing stepwise struggle (going from status quo to autonomy to sovereignty, then perhaps Union), and at the same time, driving the home run to sovereignty. The ‘paradigm shift’ I want to see is the Oromo liberation movement waging the struggle at the stepwise level as well as the ‘home run’ level. Actually, both of them MUST work hand in glove for the Oromo nation to be free.

    The ‘paradigm shift’ I want to see is for us to stop confusing ourselves and others by using political jargon like “Ethiopian Democratization” — never, never look at the situation from nowhere, but Oromo’s perspective. Otherwise, it will confuse all of us.

    I’m not saying let’s stop challenging those advocating the stepwise approach – actually, they need to be challenged since, the stepwise advocates are gradualists – they take some excruciating time to get to the next level on the way to the mountain top – so, the “big bang” group needs to constantly keep a check on the gradualists. So, again, the ‘paradigm shift’ I’m looking for is for the Oromo nationalists to work hand in glove, in a ’squeeze and grab’ fashion. That means, as we squeeze the enemy, someone should be able to grab the achievement right there and then.


    The Oromo liberation movement, as we and everyone know it, is not militarily strong. Had it been a militarily strong movement, then it will launch a military campaign to seize a town in Oromia, then once it seizes that town, it slowly, but surely, advances to the next town, then again to the next town, and so on. Military campaigns are not launched to overrun the enemy overnight – they are done step by step, town by town. Unfortunately, over the last 20 years, no town is liberated from the enemy.

    What can be done, then? Just like the military campaign, which the Oromo liberation movement is not particularly excellent at (by design or unforeseen circumstances), we need to think the “political campaigns” the Oromo liberation movement launches as stepwise – inch by inch – from status quo to autonomy to sovereignty, etc. If the “political campaign” can overrun the enemy overnight (”big bang” – revolution kind) to get us to the ’sovereignty’ step, then fine! – But, just like a military campaign is about seizing a town (not the entire Oromia overnight), we also need to launch the “political campaign” to get to the mountain top stepwise. This is a more realistic approach. Over the last 20 years, students rose up in uproar to change the status quo, but no “political town” was seized from those campaigns since, last I checked, OPDO slaves are still in charge in Oromia.

  65. Road-Map

    Sep 26, 12 at 9:09 am

    “…This way or that way, fact on the ground is that old-Nefxenya’s Ethiopia of andinet hayiloch belongs to the past; neo-Nefxenya’s Ethiopia of abiyotawi hayiloch is only temporary; a NEW oppressed Nations’ Ethiopia of abironet hayiloch will be transitional; and an independent Oromia of arinet hayiloch is the realistically anticipated future!…”

  66. Inclusive

    Oct 1, 12 at 10:34 am

    your problem is that you see only two political colours (black and white), and you do have color blindness for the other colours not to see the grey zone. I heard from one vetrinary doctor, that dogs do have such a picture of only black and white regarding their environment for their visual capacity is not developed to the level of humans in order to discern the whole spectrum of colors. You differ from people, with whom you argue for they see at least four political blocs in that empire: unitarist Amhara elites to dismantle Oromia, hegemonist Tigrai elites to dominate Oromia, federalist Southern elites to recognize Bilisummaa Oromia and liberator Oromo nationalists to achieve Walabummaa Oromia. From the liberator Oromo nationals, there are some who do accept the position of the federalists as a transitional solution on the way to an independent Oromia you cry for. They believe that in a genuinely federated NEW Ethiopia, there will be a realized Bilisummaa Oromia (free from any alien rule), which is a very good prelude to the Walabummaa Oromia we all strive for. But you, being either DiGa (Diina Gamna) or FiGo (Fira Gowwaa), do fight against such noble Oromo freedom fighters, who do have a smart way of struggle towards the same Kayyoo of Bilisummaa and Walabummaa. I pray for you to develop your political out look from the level of seeing only black and white to the level of having an inclusive look to the whole spectrum!

  67. Suutuma

    Oct 4, 12 at 3:33 am

    No question that the liberation of Oromia is taking place step by step:

    – from 1889 to 1991 was the phase of ‘Oromia dhabamte’ which is the same to life in DJ (Djibouti) = compelte grbummaa under Amhara rule; it took the Baabura Bilisummaa many years to reach the border town Ayisha.

    – since 1991, we do live in AY (Ayisha), the symbol for ‘Oromia qabamte’ = Oromia with limited cultural autonomy under Tigire hegemony; now, it seems the Baabura Bilisummaa started to move forward and the Tigre hegomony started to shake.

    – In the year X, in the near future, we will reach DD (Diredawa), the phase of ‘Oromia bilisa’ which is free from any alien force

    – In the year Y, in the middle future, the Babura Bilisummaa will arive at AD (Adama) = Oromia walaba with our flag in UN.

    – In the year Z, in the far future , we will achieve the unification of Oromia in the Horn of Africa including all areas where Oromo people do live, equivalent to the final journey to FF (Finfinne).

  68. Ajjees

    Oct 5, 12 at 5:27 pm

    Ethiopia and Oromia are diametrically exclusive to each other; the crescendo of Oromia’s liberation is tantamount to decrescendo of Ethiopia! In Short:

    – Ethiopia Amhara = Oromia dhabamte ………. Ethipia Tigree = Oromia qabamte ………. Ethiopia Haaraa = Oromia bilisoomte ……… Ethiopia Duute = Oromia walaboomte!!