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Ethiopia: Medrek on Democracy, Economy, Federalism, Assab, Education, Health

Posted: Guraandhala/February 24, 2010 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (1)

Part One:

Part Two:

Brief Summary from the Video

Medrek is a coalition of these parties:


    Failed Policies of the Government in Power for the Last 18 Years:

  • Political problems are results of the misguided Revolutionary Democracy ideology of the ruling party, EPRDF.
  • EPRDF’s Revolutionary Democracy is creating hegemony of one political party in Ethiopia.
  • EPRDF’s Revolutionary Democracy: against multi-party political system
  • EPRDF’s Revolutionary Democracy: against the Ethiopian Constitution
  • Revolutionary Democracy and EPRDF: against the rule of law in Ethiopia
  • Medrek’s Stance:

  • Medrek stands for creating a multi-party political system in Ethiopia.
  • Medrek opposes the government’s policy of persecuting political opponents.
  • Medrek will work to reverse laws with anti-Constitutional elements. Examples of repressive laws of the EPRDF government: the Press Law, the Civic Society Law and the so-called Anti-Terrorism Law.
  • Medrek stands for nonpartisan judges and an independent judiciary branch, both of which do not exist in Ethiopia under the current government.
  • Medrek will limit the term of the Prime Minister to two [each 5 years].
  • Medrek will foster an environment conducive to free press.


    Failed Policies of the Government in Power for the Last 18 Years:

  • Government’s agriculture-led economic development policy has resulted in famine, unemployment, and poverty over the last 18 years.
  • Government’s economic policy has made a few millionaires while millions have impoverished at the same time.
  • Current high unemployment is the result of misguided economic policy.
  • Drought only leads to famine under bad economic policy as seen over 18 years.
  • Despite abundance of water resource: high level of starvation and famine
  • Current land policy has led to evictions of farmers to make ways for foreign investments.
  • Medrek’s Stance:

  • Medrek’s economic policy: balanced development of all sectors, especially the agriculture, the industry and the service.
  • Medrek: technical and financial support to investors and small-business owners
  • Medrek opposes government’s discrimination by labeling opponents as “rent seekers”.
  • Medrek’s land policy: ownership should be given to the farmer
  • Medrek’s stance on eminent domain: fair compensation to the farmer
  • Medrek will aggressively introduce modern irrigation techniques to combat drought and famine.


    Failed Policies of the Government in Power for the Last 18 Years:

  • Government’s BPR (business process re-engineering) reform of the civil service has failed to deliver due to a reward policy based on loyalty to the ruling party, not competency.
  • Institutions set up to fight corruption have miserably failed.
  • Medrek’s Stance:

  • Medrek will reform the civil service and reward based on competency rather than party loyalty.
  • Medrek strongly deplores the high level of corruption in the current government; even the National Bank of Ethiopia was not spared from the ongoing theft.
  • Securing democratic rights is essential in the fight against corruption to expose corrupt officials without fear of retaliations.


    Medrek’s Stance:

  • Medrek respects both group rights of nations and individual rights of citizens.
  • Medrek is for one Ethiopia where states secure social/political/economic rights.
  • Medrek will work to legally restore the Assab Port as Ethiopia’s access to sea.


    Failed Policies of the Government in Power for the Last 18 Years:

  • Quality of education has deteriorated. Government has failed to identify problems and their solutions.
  • Lack of academic freedom, and growing number of political appointees in schools have led to failure of the education system.
  • Health workers are being forced to join the ruling party; and they waste their valuable time in propaganda.
  • Politicization has caused crisis in health sector; this has shifted the focus of the health sector from its job of saving lives.
  • Medrek’s Stance:

  • Medrek: Improved basic services in urban areas, better urban land policy
  • Urbanization policy: better roads, rails, reliable electricity and advanced telecommunication systems
  • Fund schools by cutting millions of Birr spent on lavish propaganda parties.
  • Medrek will stop political meetings that are wasting teachers’ and students’ time.
  • Medrek: competency before loyalty, improved medical services
  • Medrek: affordable health services; free medical services to low-income groups


  • Medrek: opposes divisive policies of EPRDF designed to keep itself in power
  • Medrek: Government labeling real opposition as “anti-peace” is dangerous & illegal
  • Medrek: Will relentlessly work for peace and development in Ethiopia
  • Medrek Is Peace; Medrek Is Love. Elect Medrek, We’ll Make You Proud! We’ll Bring Real CHANGE!

* Medrek’s Mini-Program: http://www.ethiomedia.com/course/medrek_mini_program.pdf
* Ethiopia: Keeping Them Honest – Where Does Medrek Stand on the Issues?


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  1. abas saed

    Feb 25, 10 at 9:37 am

    I abas ebro,born in oromia,in ethiopia.I can run for my people if i run i can win especially in eastern oromia.

    I can mobilize my people if MEDREK Gave me this chance.
    I am a person who 1st time thoght afaan oroomo for 1st time.

    please,i can be good nominee in your organization.

    from beginnig i was medrek supporter.

    Abas ebro of Toronto.