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Before 1853


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Haile Selassie

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Events in Oromo History During the Reign of Yohannes




Kassa of Tigray became Emperor Yohannes, King of Zion, King of Kings of Ethiopia. It was as the vassal of Yohannes and with his consent that Menilek set out to conquer and incorporate Oromia into the Abyssinian Empire.


After 10 years of resistance, under the leadership of Abba Waatoo, the Rayya, Yejju and Wallo Oromo were defeated only by the combined forces of Yohannes from the north, Menilek from the south, and internal problems caused by the execution of Prince Amedie Ali Liban by Tewodros on Maqdala, and the subsequent deposition of the regent, Queen Warqitu. It was only after Yohannes and Menilek had made sure of the stability of their rear that the Abyssinians were fully engaged in the conquest of the "south." But the Rayya, Yejju and Wallo Oromo never submitted fully, revolts and uprisings continued.

May-June 1878

Wallo was, at the end, divided up between Yohannes and Menilek at a conference in Boru Meda, attended by the Abyssinian Emperor, kings and religious leaders.